Birthday’s Coming Up!

Never a Freshman Again!

Welcome to my new blog, Healthy, Wealthy & Wow!  I’m so exited! I just can’t hide it! I’m zinging in to technology!  I was 70 years of age this past Saturday.  I thank MAC Award Winner Richard Skipper & Dan Sherman for totally surprising  me with a birthday party. I thank my son, David F. Slone and MAC Award winner Dana Lorge for helping to invite the people…so many people!  Thanks to all the people who came! I’m totally energized. My Birthday was followed Sunday night by The 2010 Drama Desk Awards presentation. I know that 70 doesn’t mean you have to stop partying.

This introductory post is longer than most future posts will be. I’ll keep them short and “to the point” and I’ll give you free tips on the blog as often as possible

I thank my son, David F. Slone. I didn’t quite realize how a blog worked until my “genius son” came over to my apartment (home office) yesterday to teach me how to set up my blog. I’m thankful that I can now serve you , by fulfilling my mission – even if you’re in Timbuktu – from my apartment in Manhattan.

I thank Bill Quain, Ph.D. who wrote 17 books and sold 2.3 million copies in 20 languages, for mentoring me on how to complete my book and get it out thee  and for suggesting I write a blog.

I’m thrilled that I live in a time that this can technologically happen! Truthfully, I believe this possibility existed from the beginning of time – we humans just had to figure out the way it works.  I call it “The Great Waiting To Be Known”. We humans are pretty amazing. I can barely imagine what we’ll be doing in just a couple of hundred years from now. I bet we’ll be travelling like Mr. Spock travelled in Star Trek. “Beam me up, Scottie!”

My mission is to take responsibility for your loving yourself – for everyone loving him/herself.  We teach what we’ve needed to (and continue to need to) learn. I was always haunted by the brilliance of something my Cornell professor, Milton R. Konvitz said in class. He felt that on Earth the most important commandment for day-today living is the 2nd Commandment. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Then he said, (This may not be an exact quote. It’s is taken from my notes):  “If you look around you’ll find that everyone loves their neighbor exactly the way they love themselves.” Therefore, while we need to protect ourselves from perpetrators we don’t need to  hate them.  They’re tormented. My mission stems from that lecture. It finally revealed itself to me in my 60’s.

As a Gemini it’s natural that I follow my life’s mission from 2 equal passions.

Passion 1: Image Consulting – Proving to you that who you are is beautiful:  Helping you look and Feel the best you possibly can. Helping you attain and maintain your ideal weight. I’m committed to helping you “Reveal the Star You Truly Are!”

Passion 2: Theater & Songs – To help you laugh, have a great time and see your reflection – or the reflection of people you may know – (sometimes animals) through the songs I write, shows I’m involved with and others’ shows I’ve seen.


When you need to gain trust big time, like meeting with a bank representative to extend your credit line, defending your actions to your boss, etc. wear a blouse, shirt, tie, sweater – something near your face that’s the same color as your eyes.  We call it an “Eye Extension Color”. It brings attention to your eyes and in our culture, a man (woman) who’ll “look ya straight in the eye” is to be trusted.


If you’re looking for a place to take your family for entertainment that won’t break the bank – take them to a Cabaret Show. There are cabarets in many major cities and resort areas. We have several great rooms here in New York. Do you know what Cabaret Shows are?  I’ve asked many people from out of town to define a “cabaret” for me and nine times out of ten they said it was like a “Gentlemen’s Club”.  Most Cabarets are NOT “Gentlemen’s Clubs”! Most present singers, singing “The Great American (and European) Songbook, or new songs in those categories.  Some singers choose Blues, Rock n’ Roll and Country style tunes. I would call the venue first and ask about the shows for that afternoon & night or the time you want to go to a show. Most shows are suitable for young people. Ask when you call. Since the shows are rarely longer than an hour, they’re terrific for children who would be old enough to attend a  play or musical.  I would look for the clubs that feature the entertainer with live backup musicians. Often a piano does it.  Some of the cabarets are “supper clubs” and offer dinner. There’s usually a low cover and a one or two-drink (if there is no dinner, or brunch, etc.) minimum.  If you’re seeing a couple of full theater productions when visiting a city, cabaret is a great change of pace for an evening. Cabaret is fun and inexpensive.

Why am I so exited about my 70th birthday? I’m excited because I feel great (better than I ever have!), I think I look as well, if not better, than I ever did and a new life is opening up to me. What’s opening is that I’ve found ways to help you feel and look great at whatever age you are.  More about this on my next post!

Note: I’m in the final edits of the first book of a planned series. It’s called:

Find Your mini-Qs?


“The Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are!!!”
50, 60, 70 & Beyond

(You’ll find out what a mini-Q is when you read the book!)
(More in the next post.)


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    • Bless you Joe! Well – look at you! You are young and fabulous and you dance and sing and have a gorgeous lady friend and..and…and..AND – your my contemporary!

      • I thank you again, Joe!

  2. Hi Bobbie,
    What a wonderful idea this is. I think it will definitely help promote positive self image as the years creep up on us. You are an inspiration and a beautiful role model.

  3. I”m happy if you see the star you truly are! Thank you, Carrol.

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