Why Did I Become Interested In Rejuvenation?

Why did I want to find and design my personal system for getting and staying slim, strong and happy? (Whoops! System – another dirty word!) I got extremely interested in health and aging about eight years ago – out of necessity. I didn’t know it was out of necessity when I was first told that I didn’t have to look as old as I looked and feel as pained as I felt. It’s hard for me to believe that I was in the shape I was in at that time. I’d been producing theater in London and Florida and Executive Producing Drama Desk Awards 1999 & 2000.  Then I was Associate Producer for the  2001 Awards – at the same time as I was planning a Florida production of the musical The Betrayal of Nora Blake. Immediately after that production I founded a not for profit arts-in-education company. I must have been nuts! Don’t get me wrong. I totally loved working with the teenage students we had and they’re like my grandchildren to this day. However, by running around (not in a healthy way) and getting more and more stressed I blew my body up to 163 pounds! I’d weighed around 137 between the ages of 35 and 57.

I’d gained a lot of weight and my joints were hurting and I didn’t like it! I really needed to drop weight. I didn’t think about “old” though. “Old” was for other people. I thank the late and wonderful spiritual counselor Barbara Van Diest for daring to say, “You’re letting yourself be old. I don’t think you have to be as old as you look.” I knew what she was saying was true. I’ve since come to realize that we get old because we allow ourselves to “get old”. I followed what Barbara suggested and each suggestion was great. Then each led me to find new possibilities on this journey. I’d thought I was on a journey to recapture youth. I found that I was merely on a journey to dig the true Bobbie Horowitz out of the rubble that was causing me to log down and blow up.   It was about not paying attention to what I needed.

Then, about three years ago the idea for “mini-Qs” came to me, although I didn’t have a name for what I was doing. About a year and a half ago the actual word ‘min-Q” popped into my head while I was walking on East 35th Street in Manhattan and started me laughing out loud!  When I could not stop laughing and giggling – I knew I was on to something important that could help people! If you want to learn more about it you can soon get my book. (See the end of this post.)

How did I get to know what I talk about re rejuvenation?

  • I have no medical degree. How did I learn about this? As a born student, I devoured knowledge about health for my own life – and realized it would work for yours too.

I do have top credentials in my other fields.  To give you an idea of my life as a student & teacher:

  • I graduated 1st in my class from The New York State School of Industrial & Labor Relations at Cornell University
  • I was certified to teach in secondary schools at Teachers College, Columbia University &, for a short period taught at a Jr. High in Harlem, NY.

IN terms of my theater work, I studied with THE great acting and singing coaches & Composers/Lyricists and graduated from the 14 week Commercial Theater Institute course.  I studied acting with:

  • Stella Adler – in her Master Class
  • Gene Frankel – Master Class
  • Lee Strasberg – Master Class
  • Herb Greene – Privately
  • David Friedman – Class (still going)
  • I was certified in Image Consulting by ICI .
  • I was VP of the Tri State Chapter of The Association of Image Consultants International.
  • I learned a lot about human health as an independent consultant for Isagenix and then also for MAX International, A few of the things I learned are:
  1. We are living longer, for the most part.
  2. However, medical studies show that certain health concerns, like obesity and illnesses now related to obesity, may reverse the trend toward longer life.
  3. We humans have made great scientific strides. I applaud us for that. The other side of the coin is that we’ve allowed our world to become more toxic. Toxicity can lead to adding pounds. We used to think the number of fat cells we possess remains the same throughout our life! “T’ain’t necessarily so!” Medical studies have found that the number of fat cells can increase to protect us.
  4. While technological Progress is great, it’s led to Earth being a much more toxic planet. Perhaps I’m a “cockeyed optimist” (thank you Oscar Hammerstein); but I think we can find a way to “fix” it. Until we do we need to adapt to it as best we can. As many parents have said to their children – “Time to clean up the room kids!” Time to cleanse ourselves; inside as well as out


Have you been called in to make a deposition, etc.?  Do you need to pursuade a group that your company isn’t polluting the environment? Do you need to apply in person for a bank loan? Are you going to be questioned about something you may have done at work? Are you going to talk to your child’s principal or teacher about you child’s behavior? Are you aware you can use color to help you appear trustworthy? You can. Wear a color that matches your eye color near your face. For men it can be a tie, or even a shirt and women can wear a blouse or a scarf. We call this your Eye Extension Color. It brings attention to your eyes and makes them appear to be concentrating on what they’re looking at. In our culture a person who “looks you straight in the eye” is to be trusted.


This may seem obvious to you but there are people around the country who don’t take advantage of it. There are “Summer Stock” theaters all around the USA. Prices are usually reasonable. Some theaters have food too. If you don’t have a Summer Stock theater in your town, check the surrounding towns in your area. If you’re visiting NYC, check out the outdoor performances and concerts that are available. You’ll save a lot of money, meet New Yorkers and have a good time with your family. Many other cities and towns have these too.

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  1. Pay attention to this post. Its constructive, and very very helpful

  2. i miss barbara and her show ‘it’s about you’. i hope she’s resting in perfect peace.

  3. Thank you for remembering Barbara. I was also a student, retreater and friend and miss her so much.

    • My heart goes to you Margaret. If you would like to email me -my contact information is located on my site. I’ve dedicated my first book to Barbara. You can read about that too, on my site http://www.bobbiehorowitz.com click on Author.
      click on Contact for my information and Author to read about the book. I hope to speak with you soon! We all miss Barbara – although i do feel her with me. I know she’s fine.

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