THINGS WE KNOW – THAT WE DON’T KNOW WE KNOW – That will help us lose weight & keep it lost

I remember taking a seminar in late 70s , in which the seminar leader said that there were three parts to knowledge. 1. Things you know, 2. Things you know you don’t know and 3. Things you don’t know you don’t know.  The important category was the last.  That made sense to me at the time.

I’ve since discovered another, equally important, category: Things we know that we don’t know we know. We’re born knowing basic things about taking care of ourselves. Our body knows how to breathe and our cells know how to take in nourishment and, left on our own, we’d know what to eat.

In high school biology I learned about “natural selection”. I was taught that animals instinctively know what’s good for them and that if human children were left in a field they’d naturally want the foods that were healthy for them.  I realize that we’re taught to think differently. We’re taught about food from the minute  we can comprehend anything.

I’m certain that almost every mother means well. I meant well when I fed my son. I took a lot of time picking out the fresh food and going to a kosher butcher, trying to get only the best for my boy.

I’ve learned a lot in the last six or more years. I’ve learned that not everyone digests meat well. I learned that Blood Type plays a part because your type helps determine how your body accepts acidity and other factors are at work in our body.  My mother thought it would be terrible to have day pass without giving her daughters meat.

We’re taught as children – by our parents, grandparents, friend’s parents, advertising agencies, other kids, etc. We’re not even aware we’re being taught nonsense. We want to be good kids, so we listen to things stuff like, “Darling,  Grandma worked so hard to make that delicious strudel you love. Have another bite. You’ll make her happy!”  Guess what? We can unlearn this stuff and go back to our “natural knowing.”

I’ve written more about this in my new book that’s listed on the right. It should be out this summer and you’ll be able to buy it from my website and many other places.


Color Psychology

Did you know that each color has a positive or a negative effect on people, depending on how much of that color is presented? Color consists of light rays.  A moderate amount of any color has a good effect on people; but “too much of a good thing” can have just the opposite effect.  I give workshops in Color Psychology. These aren’t expensive. Good advertising agencies know the effects of color when they package products. Read about my workshops on my website:  I should have my next Color Psychology Workshop scheduled shortly.  You’ll learn “when to wear what” colors. I’ll give you one example: think of GREEN. It’s nature and it makes people feel bountiful to be around it. While some green gives the viewer the impression that there is “enough” and they’re taken care of,  the other side of the coin is “GREEN with envy”.

Summer Theater Programs For Youth

If you have young children or teens there are literally millions of summer programs for youth around the country. When I googled this topic, no less than 24,800,000 items came up!!!!  The arts are being cut in many schools for “economic” reasons. The importance of the performing arts, for education in general, is grossly underestimated in many school districts. Plays helped me learn so much about history and, even, about science and math! Music and math have similar components.  I had very little training in science and math because when I was young they tended to divide us up into “English/Social Studies students” and “Math/Science students”. I was in the first group. However, I did learn chord theory with a private teacher. Many colleges around the country offer summer programs for young people. There are also many performing arts based summer camps and day camps.

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