One More On The Way We Look At Age – Remember the Fruit Fly?

I read something on the Internet about Fruit Flies and I began obsessing about them. Remember Fruit Flies? Drosophila?  My Cornell sophomore year roommate told me they were a big deal in her biology class. I never took biology. I was in the Labor Relations School so it would have been an elective for me and I always chose English lit. However, she was a bio major. She was actually assigned to bring the Fruit Flies to our room one weekend and take care of them!  I became totally fascinated by their lives  – or seeming lack thereof. R. Winstead wrote the article I found on the Internet.  He corroborates what my roommate told me, which is that most fruit flies live less than two months, making the insect a favorite among scientists who study aging. Less than two months of life!!! We always marveled at how a creature could have such a short life and not die earlier from fear of dying! They couldn’t have had minds because we couldn’t imagine how they’d face life knowing the time they’d live was such a bupke  (Yiddish for the least amount).

Now that I’ve lived for a long time, I often think that 95 or so years to us – is probably what that month and a half felt like to the Fruit Fly. I’ve learned that every living being is transient on Earth and time is truly relative.   We talk about “Ancient Times”. We call 5, 4, 3 and even 2,000 years ago “ancient times”! Now, when I look at the history of mankind and the history of Earth, before our species made an appearance, I realize that 2,000 years is a “bupke” in time. So, however “old” we get we never get old, in the grand scheme of things. We can choose to embrace each of our few minutes of living. We’re like the tiny Fruit Fly. The Fruit Fly, given its limited brainpower, probably feels it lives a normal length life. Age is relative and life is short. We might as well embrace every moment we can!

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Free Entertainment Tip

I hope you’re taking advantage of the summer festivals in your community. New York City has more than one festival going at the same time this summer. While not every play presented by a festival of new works is without flaws it can be fun to be on the “inside”. Often there a talk backs and Q & A sessions after a show, making them wonderful places to take teens and anyone who might like to learn more about the development process a play or musical goes through. Another benefit of a festival performance in terms of taking you family is they’re usually quite inexpensive.  You usually won’t see a final Broadway set, should the show move, but you see the beginnings.  Then you may get the chance to see the show develop.  That’s a great learning tool for young people.

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  1. Wise advice from a wise woman

    • Bless you, Emily! It takes one to know one.

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