Becoming a Peacemaker: For a long time, I’ve known that the first thing I needed to do to fulfill my mission – i.e., helping as many people as possible to love themselves – would be to issue a “Cease Fire!” on myself. I knew that only when the turbulence of my mind could cease would I be able to make peace in the world. Peace had to start within me!

Knowing a concept is one thing!  LIving it is another. Many of us have heard of “The Power of Positive Thinking”, “The Secret”, etc, etc, etc. Boy oh boy!  I knew this for years;  but last week I found out I hadn’t truly incorporated it! Last week I finally “got” it!!!! I got that the errors I’ve made re money, purchases, wasting time, etc. don’t mean I’m a bad person. I just didn’t have the way to listen for clear instructions when I made those choices. On a recent retreat, a way to get my mind to silence popped into my – you guest it – my mind.!  At this Retreat I found a way to get back to knowing that I’m truly good. Oh my! I just realized that this fits right in with a category of thinking I made up for a previous Blog Post.  It fits into “Things we know – that we don’t know we know”.  Way down deep we all know this stuff. It gets covered over by erroneous teachings.

May I share my secret for getting to that place where my mind is rid of all thoughts that ain’t gonna help me?  I’ll assume you said “yes”.  I’m very visual. so seeing something helps me. You needn’t use exactly the same imagery and you may wish to hear something instead of see something. That’s fine. It’s been working for me for about a week already!  It works even when I’m running around.  I don’t even have to do the breathing, though it’s good to slowly breathe in and out 3 times.

I visualize that I’m looking at an endless sea. There’s nothing but the sea on my left side. I see my right hand gently holding the ends of a great fishing net that’s filled with all the possible thoughts I can have – positive and negative. As the water flows through the net, the detrimental thoughts quickly drift through the holes in the net and out into the sea. When the “bad” thoughts have gone, I ask for the best course of action to take at that moment. VOILA! The right choice of what I should do at that moment becomes clear. All I have to do is take the actions I’ve been directed to take. Since I’ve been using this technique unlikely serendipitous  happenings are popping up like mad! I won’t take up your time to list them here. I will say that in the past, when serendipitous happenings began occurring, it turned out that I was on the right path.

The point this has for your health and your body  is that , in addition to guiding the actions you choose to take at work and with your family (etc).  this includes guiding you to choose the best things for you to eat and what physical movement would be best for you that day. All I need to do is pause and see the thoughts in the net and the blank view on my left side  and i get directed to choose the right thing every time! AT LAST, I CAN BE AT  PEACE WITH MY MIND AND MY BODY – – – AND YOU CAN BE AT PEACE WITH YOUR MIND AND YOUR BODY TOO! YAY!


I wrote lyrics to a comedy song and incredible David Friedman put music to them. The song’s title is  “Doin’ It For America!” It’s in the Image Tip section because it’s about shopping…in this case to help “THE economy” we hear so much about.  Guess what? It’s not such a far out thought.  It’s may not be enough to bring the economy back to the highest level – however – there are amazing sales everywhere.  Before you go out on a bargain hunt be sure that you know your color palette(s) and style(s). You’ll save tons of time an $$$ if you do. Fill in the pieces that are missing first.  You don’t have to have a lot if all the pieces work with each other.  This is a good economy for wardrobe building. There are personal shoppers who can take you into wholesale houses too. The shopper usually adds on a % of the sale for their fee. These clothes aren’t “cheap”, however you can get very expensive clothing for a smidge more than half of what they’d cost in stores. If you’re in NYC I can recommend a wonderful person. Just go o my site http://www.bobbiehorowitz.com.


Labor Day 2010 is just a few days away! The sun hits at a different angle in September and some people have been (erroneously) taught that is a sadder light. But – Drum Roll!!! September means “the season” is starting! Culture is spewing out new thoughts and reviving old stand by’s. Google the nearest regional theater in your area and I bet you’ll find memberships available.  When you look at spending the money all at once it may feel daunting but – you can support live theater in your area and SAVE BUCKS on each play. You may well go to see them all anyway. You may as well save money and help the theater at the same time.   It helps your theater to say they have a great number of subscribers and you benefit by paying less per ticket. If you’re in NYC remember the old song, “Autumn In New York, why does it seem so inviting! Autumn in New York, It spells the thrill of first-nighting” ENJOY!!

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  1. BOBBIE: Thanks for your insight my darling! Wasn’t last week just “SENSATIONALLY SPECTACULAR!” It was so incredible seeing you and loving you! Let’s stay in touch!
    Nancy T-H

  2. Dear Nancy,
    Thank you so much for your reply. You bring joy and talent to the world. I was thrilled to t=share that time with you.

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