“Email Envelopment” & “Facebook Frazzle”

The reason you haven’t seen a recent post on this site recently dawned on me. Julie Morgenstern, a time management coach and designer of a Franklin Covey Planner says: “Never check email in the morning.”  I didn’t realize the importance of this notion until recently.

Yes, keeping up with the new computer tools does keep you part of life and it makes me feel like part of the vital flourishing community. Think of how your great grand parents must have felt when cars replaced horses and people could actually fly across the ocean!!!  I can remember my son watching the moon landing. I realized that space travel would be something that he’d look at as being part of his life from the beginning! Children today have computers from the beginning of their lives and we have social networking.  Social networking is great. If you’re still working it’s great knowing it keeps you young and in the loop. On the one hand it’s rejuvenating – one the other it can be aging – for younger people as well as the over 50 folk. For most people it’s really “Social Marketing”. Duh! This is a Blog! Yes, it’s great for marketing AND it can take up your entire schedule, cause stress and keep one sitting in one place for hours on end.

I’ve just recently developed “mini-Qs(?)” for working and, especially, for dealing with computer communications.  If you don’t know what mini-Qs(?) are you can find out by ordering my new book the minute it’s in print, which is any moment now. (Believe me, I’ll have a posting the minute it’s out.  For starters, you’ll be able to buy it from my site and it will be on Amazon.com).  The title of the book is on my first Post.  To repeat it’s:

Find Your mini-Qs? Reveal The Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are!
at Age 
50, 60, 70 & Beyond

I’m just designing the least amount each of the various things I’ll choose to do on a daily basis that will get me the results I want in each area of my work in addition to my weight, etc. In only three days I’m finding myself back in action and able to set and meet goals again and feeling rejuvenated and good about myself again!  I have two split up 45-minute sessions per day a day to answer emails and Facebook requests. That may sound like a lot. Believe me I don’t know how I do it and I’ve been able to go through them all. I belong to a few “groups” and I’ve found that if I try to be a “good girl” and personally answer everyone who is requesting something of me I will never get through the day. I appreciate people pressing the “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” choices when I invite them to an event. But, while it’s lovely to get them,  I don’t expect everyone to leave a message with their choice.  I must set priorities and learn when to “say yes to no!”  Guess what? I’m feeling younger than ever and I seem to be having more fun! If we don’t each value our time no one else will.

You count!!!!

Next post I’ll tell you about something I was introduced to that can generate income with no selling right from your home – and you’ll be helping people and can raise money for charity with this!  How perfect is this for seniors!


To move your summer outfits to autumn if it’s still fairly war out, think of changing the jewelry you wear with the outfits and think of adding a scarf around your neck to keep the breeze from your throat. Gold and silver jewelry usually look less summery than wood jewelry, unless the wood has some metal on it. You can switch from a short-sleeved tee shirt to a silk liner or heavier tee – or a sweater if it’s very chilly and still wear a pant and jacket that’s silk/cotton, etc. Choose the darker pieces of your summer wardrobe and do remember to always wear the colors that harmonize with your skin tone and the style(s) that reflect your body type/ palette(s) and personality. If your coloring and style doesn’t fall into the autumn category you can get away with adding a bag or pair of shoes in an alligator pattern (an autumnal style) in your color. If you don’t know your palette(s) or style(s), please visit my website and contact me. I can help you or if you live in another area I can find a trained color/style consultant in your area.


What does autumn mean to you? It’s a new season for fashion, school is back in, if you’re teaching, the new season of sports events is underway and IT’S A NEW SEASON ON BROADWAY, OFF BROADWAY and REGIONAL THEATER. Check to see what the discounts are for not for profit season passes and check to see what’s on Broadway. You may want to make a trip to this amazing city to be the first see the new season’s shows.  Previews usually have discounted tickets. Remember you can join Play by Play, Audience Extras and others. If you’re visiting you can sometimes get several seats from these seat filling sites and pay back the inexpensive fee to join the site very quickly.

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  1. The 2 other seat filling sites that I know of are Theater Extras and gold club at theatermania.com.

    • Thank you oh brilliant one! You’ve always been a help!

    • Thanks, Larry. I should have included them. I belong to them too. I find they’re not quite as inexpensive, but still a great savings.

  2. You must be very excited or maybe not so excited at the countdown to the few days when your book will be published.

    What’s the retail price?

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