“Gettin’ the Hang of It!”

My mom used to use say, “You can do it Barbara. You just gotta get the hang of it – it’ll be easy once you got the hang of it”.  “Gettin’ The Hang Of It” usually referred to some physical activity like hitting a golf ball down the middle of the fairway. (I was a golf orphan.)  Now I realize that accomplishing almost anything on Earth is just a case of “Gettin’ The Hang Of It.”  It goes for doing business, dancing, cooking, taking notes, et., etc., etc. In my new book, “Find Your min-Qs(?)* Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! At Age 50, 60, 70 and Beyond”, I help you design your own path to achieve your optimum weight and youthful vitality. By the way – the same principals hold for 13 year olds. I directed it to the older audience because I speak their language and because I read so many articles and blog posts about people fearing they’re getting old.

I’ve learned through experience that it’s easier to get the hang of something you’ve designed yourself; something that fits into your life style.

One aspect of “Gettin’ the Hang Of It” that my mom didn’t mention is that Gettin’ the Hang of it doesn’t need to mean trying to do the same thing the same way over and over and over and over again -if you’ve been failing. That may not help you get it right.  That’s the way it was put out to us when I was a kid. I now realize that there’s another magic word that goes along with Gettin’ the Hang of anything. The magic word is REVISE! You can revise your design until it’s one that you can easily enjoy gettin’ the hang of! You needn’t think in terms of losing 10 pounds in a week. In fact, focusing on the goal may thwart your efforts, because you might feel like you’re failing until you reach the goal. Sometimes, the way you’ve chosen to achieve something  – is NOT the best way for you to achieve that thing. One of the big discoveries for me was that I could revise my design! Your best chance of finding the best way for you to achieve your goals isn’t laid down in stone. You can keep revising until you find the daily minimum actions you need to take to get the results you want. The idea is to find what you can do each day and do it until it becomes natural. Then you have your best chance to win each day and go into the next day as a winner. This can pertain to writing blog posts or songs or to selling real estate or teaching your child to talk.  I’ve devised a way for those of you who buy my book to be able to go to my site and, with a password, download as many copies as they wish  – as many times as they wish – of the pages for writing their design. There is no charge for getting these pages. So, you can keep revising your design as needed. When you reach a goal you may want to “up” the number of times you do something. Life goes with the flow and now you can too.


It’s “pumpkin time” and there are a myriad of Halloween parties to go to.  Halloween may be my favorite holiday because we get to play “dress up”! Costume parties are the time to be an image that’s different from yours.  I suggest that if you know your personal style you might choose to play a character that’s a different style.  It will be an opportunity for you to experience another set of reactions to you. When you’re in a costume mode people will react well to you whatever your style and whether or not what you’re wearing harmonizes with your style. It’s especially fun for bouncy petite blond curly haired “Spring” types to dress as dramatic vampires and for dramatic dark haired, cool skin types to dress as Little Bo Peeps. If your a “natural” style, you may want to dress in the classic mode of a 50s sit com, with a silk dress and apron like they’d wear on The Donna Reed show. If you’re a “classic” style with soft, cool summer coloring, why not try a Lady GaGa outfit?  The message is “HAVE FUN & try something that’s totally “wrong” for you! It can be “right” on Halloween


It’s Halloween again! This is a great time to find Halloween cabaret shows and concerts. The holiday season seems to begin with Halloween and continues through New Years. This is also a prime time of year to think about the charitable contributions you may want to make for the arts in your community.   There are many masked balls, etc. to attend. You might also find the community theaters, public schools and neighborhood associations in your area are giving Halloween shows and parties. They can be wonderful for your children and grandchildren – AND – wonderful for you, even if there are no children in your life at the moment. You may even want to contribute your time to one. The payback can be greater that you’d it expected it will be.

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