Losing The Title Of “Champion Self Beater Upper!”

Have you ever used words about yourself that merited having the bell ring at Madison Square Garden and having the crown for “Champ Self Beater Upper” put up on your head? I have!   Have you ever thought words about yourself that could put you in jail if you said them out loud to someone else?  I have!  “Stupid! I’ll kill you if you ever, ever eat your guests’ left over cheesecake again! You idiot!” Have you ever said anything remotely like that to yourself?  Or have you ever just sat their silent as words like these flow through you: “You’re hopeless. You always quit before you win! You did it again.” I’ve done that too.

I’ll admit that I hardly use words or express ideas like this about myself these days. Writing ““Find Your min-Qs(?)* Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond” has helped me greatly. I spend some time in the book talking about self-talk. I believe that when we’re trying to achieve anything, it doesn’t serve us to beat ourselves up.  However, just as “overeating” foods that aren’t our optimum, usually comes from old habits we acquired before we realized we were acquiring them – “Negative Self-Talk” becomes a habit in our lives too.

I’m going to make an assertion that I haven’t yet tested, but find is true for myself.While I agree with the blogs and articles I’ve read that assert that I should find out where the source of my saying each negative thing came from and that I should tell my self these words aren’t true and that I should write down etc., etc, etc. I’ve discovered that – for myself, at least – acknowledging I said them an=d then NOT beating myself up for having said them – helps the habit fall away. Saying “Oh hi! It’s you again!” to the bad words and quickly turn around and start doing your task or project again the way you’d planned to before you kicked yourself in the butt. . In fact, when I start the project again without beating myself up for having beat myself up, I usually get a giggle thinking about what I said.

I’ve gotten four major benefits from saying bad things about myself to myself (and even to others!)

  1. Since I’ve been paying attention to my saying nasty words about myself to myself, I’m noticing each time I do it more quickly– and now I’m not even beating myself up for having said the words or holding the thoughts. This has actually led to my hardly saying these things to myself anymore.  ‘Well, hardly ever!” (To quote “The Captain Of the Pinafore” by “Gilbert & Sullivan”)
  2. When I think about what I said, I tend to giggle at myself and that stimulates me to succeed.
  3. I realize that it might be good for me to redesign the task I’ve ‘failed” at, in a way that makes it easier for me to accomplish. Remember my words about REVISING. If the finest plays have revisions before we see them on Broadway, We can allow ourselves to REVISE our fitness mini-Qs!
  4. I’m beginning to learn – Yay team! –  I DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!

Say this out loud with me: I DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT! If you’re reading this blog and even considering tsking steps to rejuvenate and/or get in you optimum shape, etc. you probably have a little of “wanting to be perfect” in your male-up. I agree, it’s good to go for the best. Enjoying life – i.e., LOVING YOURSELF helps you have the best!


Depending where you live you’ll notice the weather beginning to cool off.  If you live in a cool climate you’re probably aware of the benefits of layering your clothing to achieve extra warmth. The “fashion” of the past several seasons has shown a lot of layering as part of the theme of many designers.  Layering is a “natural” for people whose style is “Natural”. These people most often (not always) have what we’d call autumnal coloring.  They look best in the darker warm toned shades of colors. They can also wear lighter hues too when the hues have a more subdued and warm tone. If you don’t fall in the “Natural” style category you can still find layering schemes and other schemes for warmth that can work for you. If you’re in or can get to New York City give me a call at 212-779-4956 and we can arrange a private appointment. Go www.bobbiehorowitz.com for my services, etc. You’ll get my old site today. The site is being redone and the new site should be upright after Thanksgiving.

NOTE: For everyone, especially if you’re less trim than you’d wish, there are wonderful silk tee shirts and liners and socks that add practically zero bulk to your look and can go under sweaters, vests, etc.


I’m sure you’re well aware of it. The Holiday Season is upon us! I always love the tinsel and lights and fun.  I also LOVE just thinking about the opening notes of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker!  If you live in the NY area or are visiting the city think of an alternative Nutcracker this year – perhaps, NUTCRACKER RATED R! It does have adult themes. That said, it’s been warming my heart as well as giving ma a giggle for five years now.  It’s inexpensive at only $25 on Mondays –Wednesdays and $30 Thursdays-Saturdays.  It sold out at Theatre For The New City last year, even on the night of the blizzard. I attended that night and I saw them have to bring extra seats into the Johnson Theatre, which sat  140 with the large stage this show needs. This year it’s moved up to The Theater District to the Chernuchin Theatre at American Theatre of Actors (314 West 54th Street) and plays from December 9th – 31st.  If you’d like to learn more about it click: http://www.nutcrackerratedr.com/

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