A Seeming Catastrophe Can Be a Catalyst To Help You Reveal The Star You Truly Are!

Wow! Did I have a scare!!  I was helping a fellow who needed a very wide walker get to the main floor of a restaurant/nightclub using the elevator which was rather hidden. We’d just seen a terrific variety show. My son and I each did a number and I was feeling great.  The elevator was small and dimly lit and when the door opened I went out back first, facing the fellow with the walker who was inside the elevator.  There’d been no sign in the elevator or the dark hall from which we entered the elevator warning that there were two steep steps about three feet from the elevator door and that you needed to make the right turn toward the front door of the building. Well – I landed on my back and I immediately assumed I’d never walk again. I demanded to be taken to Bellevue Emergency to have X-Rays taken immediately. DEMANDED – I demanded something for me!!! In the past, I’ve demanded that an ambulance speed to my sister’s apartment the morning she passed on and that the students I worked with got their proper tools or my son got what he needed – i.e. things for other people.

I learned two major things as a result of this fall.

  1. It’s absolutely okay – in fact, essential – that I demand I get what I need.
    I didn’t make those who said I should just go home and put ice on it wrong. I just demanded I be taken to emergency – and Bellevue Emergency, which is near my home and is a very well run emergency room. An excellent EMS team once told me that Bellevue ran the best.   In truth, the way I was feeling, I can’t imagine how I could have sat in a taxi and gotten from the taxi into my apartment. Still –  for me to demand something for myself was a major advance in my development.I even cancelled going to two holiday parties! In the past I would have felt terrible about hurting the hosts’ feelings and I would have gone in pain.
  2. It turned out that doing my mini- Qs* allowed me to become the strong human I was born to be. Because my muscles had become strong they protected the bones in my back, to a great degree, and nothing was broken. After five days resting my doctor, Stephen Meed, said that it was time for me to move about and go the parties and events I’d been invited to. When I said I didn’t think I could he said, “Yes you can!” I thank him for that. I did my mini-Qs, to the best of my ability, during those resting days and afterward. I brought a small pillow with me to events and placed it behind the small of my back when I sat.  I also remembered the power of revision and revised my walking mini-Q for blocks walked each day and two days ago I began walking my normal 30 blocks a day.  The accident occurred on December 1st.  Today is December 20th .

*I discuss the concept I named mini-Qs in my new book, “Find Your min-Qs(?)* Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond”, which is now available on http://www.,bobbiehorowitz.com – and check out my new site which should be up in a day or two!

In conclusion: you needn’t despair if you’ve been in an accident and haven’t been killed or maimed beyond the point of living your life…well…I’m not even sure about that!  I’ll let you know if I’m ever that hurt. I bet there are “positives” to learn from, in that case, too. If I just take things as they come on a daily basis and be consistent at keeping up what is “important” (as Steven Covey would say) to my well being, to the extent I can, I’ll survive. My job is to allow the star I truly am to shine – even if the light in my body may appear to be dimmed – until it’s my time to park this body for the last time and direct the star I truly am back to it’s power source.


It got really cold really quickly in New York City this year. I was thankful that I have my warm accessories organized in my closet for quick fixes in the cold. Check your wardrobe for wool lined leather gloves in one of your basic neutral colors.  It’s great to have warm wool scarves in various colors in your wardrobe. If you can afford only one, be sure it’s in one of your neutral colors. The benefit of knowing your palette and style is that all your casual accessories can coordinate with all your casual outfits and the same holds true for your formal wear.  You can always add to your collection picking up pieces as you can afford them. Wearing a hat or a faux fur (or a real fur if that works for you) halo will help you keep warm and look terrific.

When it’s really freezing, covering the top of your head allows less heat to escape and greatly helps to keep you warm. Do find head coverings in you palette and style to harmonize with the star you truly are.


Around the Holiday season you can often find wonderful concerts being given by various religious and spiritual organizations of all types in almost every town.  Many of these are free to the public or the price is a donation to the institution giving the concert. Many of the concerts have a few standard religious numbers and also concentrate on music of other genres.

AND…As I said in my last tip… if you’re in New York City from now though New Years Eve, NUTCRACKER RATED R! is a wonderful treat. Granted, I’m prejudiced. That said, I never tire of seeing it and reviewers and producers I’ve brought to it have agreed. Please note that there is no show on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It’s playing at the Chernuchin Theatre at American Theatre of Actors (314 West 54th Street.) Again the site is: http://www.nutcrackerratedr.com/

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  1. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! Boy, did you inspire me, and no doubt, everyone who reads this. Seeing how you took care of yourself, for a change, and not other people, was scary but had to be done to save your life.

    More than that, I rarely exercise, and to see you back to 30 (?) blocks a day after your catastrophe is amazing.

    • Bless you Larry. You’re an angel – you’ve always been an angel. I walked 32 blocks today – so far. It’s 2:27. I’ll be going to a reading that Sherry Eaker is producing through TRU at Arias Studios.
      Thank you for introducing me to Goumba Johnny. He’s an interesting guy.

  2. Hmmm…what would I have done? Probably a few cat cows to see if anything was broken, and then gotten up to try to forge ahead. THe next day, when the inevitable pain came, I would have gone to the doctor (or not).

    I don’t think I would have asked to go to an emergency room, because I don’t like hospitals and I know the waits are long. There are many “right” ways of handling things. THe main point: I’m alive, it isn’t the end of the world.

    I’m more of a cynic about American health care than you are:-) THat said, I’m glad to hear you are okay.

    • Francine – I wouldn’t ask to go to any emergency room. The EMS team was not from Bellevue. i insisted they take me there. It’s a very well run emergency room. I might not choose the hospital, but the emergency room is tops. Hope you never ever need one.

      • Ah ha, pays to know the healthcare system. No chance any of us will get away without some facet of it. It’s like I know the hospitals in Phoenix that don’t give people MRSA

  3. Bobbie:
    This is a truly miraculous story. Brave of you to have handled it so wonderfully…and brave of you to share it. Truly, your light keeps shining brighter each year, and those around you are en-light-ened by it!
    Much love, dear,

    • Bless you Hattie. May 2011 be the best year you’ve known yet and may more than you could dream for come true.

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