Being Older Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Use a Mentor – Even a Younger Mentor (another “who woulda thunk!” blog post.)

When I “googled” the word “Mentor” I was interested to see the second definition, “an influential senior sponsor or supporter.” Hmm…did that mean that the mentor had to be the senior – or – might the mentor be sponsoring and supporting a senior? The first definition I found was more useful to me, “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.”

As I’ve written before, I find learning new things is a great way to stay youthful. Two years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever write a book on attaining and maintaining fitness.  I could have seen myself writing a book on dressing to get “Yes” or on various aspects of image and as a songwriter who’s written over 300 songs, I could see a songbook – but a book on fitness?

The idea did creep into my mind after I found a way to rejuvenate myself and then a way to teach others to design their own path to reach to reach their optimum fitness and I gave workshops dealing with this.. However, had I not attended a Cornell Entrepreneurial Network event toward the end of 2009, at which Bill Quain was the featured speaker, my book would have never been written and published! Bill Quain, PHD graduated from Cornell thirteen years after I did, but he was the person I needed to help me. He not only helped me with his courses, based on his books The Anatomy Of A Best-Selling Book and “A Best-Selling Author’s SECRET SYSTEM for Marketing & Selling Your Book”  he also connected me with people who helped me get the job done, including my wonderful book designer, Jack Parry, who is much younger than I and the people at Fast Pencil publishing, also younger, who have been extraordinarily helpful.  I would have never thought of trying to publish a book myself. I would have been sending a book to agents. The industry is a bit different than it used to be. I’m not downing the publishing companies.  However to make things happen today, due to new technology, there are alternatives that might work more effectively for an unknown writer. He also recommended the email company that’s made my life much simpler.  A young entrepreneur, Karen Yanco, recommended me to Bill Ades, to design my website. Bill is my son’s age.

I’d already learned that I’m probably likely to get the most up to date information about technology from younger people. If not for my son, David F. Slone, Esq., I would have no idea what to do with a computer. I’m fortunate to have a son who could well be a computer consultant were he not so scheduled with his theater work.

Even though you’ve “been there” and you’re experienced, it’s wise to accept coaching and help from people of any age. You can expand your life, even if you’re 70, 80, or beyond.  You can be open to new endeavors you never thought possible before. Finding the person you can always turn to for advise on a project can make the whole difference.  I’m thankful I found Bill Quain.  Your mentor can help you reveal the star you truly are!


You can find comfortable footwear for your style that will handle the weather. It’s wise to invest in a very good pair of boots for cold weather and snow, if you live in a region that experiences cold winters or lighter, waterproof boots for warmer climates that get rain.  There’s nothing less appealing looking than a person who is miserably uncomfortable in their shoes and clothing. You can always put a pair of formal dress shoes in a tote bag, if you’re going to a formal occasion. These days you can find a pair of boots that are comfortable, look decent and that will last a long time. These items may be expensive, but when you break down the cost per wearing you end up spending less in the long run although you may have spent more when you bought them.


There re film festivals all over America and many in Europe and around the world. I googled them and discovered there are many great values for these festivals if you buy your package tickets now.   You can feel part of the area in which the festival is presented and see exciting new films. Will all of them be exciting? Probably not and each person will find different films exciting to them. It can be very exciting to be able to hold discuss groups about what’s being presented in your area.  You needn’t live in NYC or LA to feel part of the 2011 film scene.  Check out you town and surrounding towns to see what festival may be happening. I remember when The Sundance Film Festival began in Utah. It’s premiere 2011 showcase happens this month in Park City.

Special Note:

A blog post of mine was featured on this site. I’ve found the writings on the site are intelligent and Dr. Nancy Philips is equally so.

America’s Wellness Network, at: Look for our guest blog, as well as that of other experts on health, fitness, wellness, and longevity.  Dr. Nancy Philips.


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  1. You opened my eyes, Bobbie. I already have a younger mentor, an NPP (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner). She is my friend and I didn’t realize until after reading your post that she is my mentor. I have been scared of taking advantage of our friendship by asking for too much information, but it is a give and take relationship.

    Thank you so much for this post.

  2. Glad to be of help. I think people like to hel. She’ll feel good for being able to be of service to you.

    Thank you for all your kindness Larry.

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