I Finally “Got” What They Mean When They Say, “Commitment Needs Detachment.” Another “Who Wudda Thunk!

I’d heard people say one needs to detach from worldly outcomes.   I didn’t  get what “detachment” truly meant  before! I now realize that my book “Find Your min-Qs(?)* Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond” has an additional purpose! If I can help people detach from the outcome yet commit to their day to day choices that will bring about the outcome – I’ll have contributed something worthwhile.

  • I dropped the pounds by “detaching from the outcome” on a day to day basis  and concentrating on  my daily deeds. I revised my action choices when they weren’t working.

I realize I’ve also been unconsciously detaching myself from the outcome of marketing this book although I’m committed to having people read it. This is turning out to be a good thing!

  • Whoever thought I’d write a book about attaining and maintaining your optimum shape?!  Not me – not until last year. I wrote it in way less than a year. I had a great mentor and I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and I changed my method on several occasions…just like I changed my method of getting in shape myself until I found what worked for me, fit into my lifestyle and was fun for me.  I’ve allowed my self to be detached from the outcome of marketing the book because I don’t have a degree in that area. It ain’t my field. I have several degrees and certifications, but this isn’t one of them. I can’t tell you exactly how this is happening. The book’s available for sale and people say they love it!  I’m now putting one foot in front of the other to market it big time AND – while I’m committed to having the country read it, I don’t spend my day checking the outcome.
    • Just like I advise people to do when they want to drop or add pounds – I made my “big”  goal re book sales and I put it away in a drawer to look at at the end of 2011.  I concentrate on each day. If I take the actions planned for the day I go into the next day as a winner! I measure the sales at the end of each week to make certain they’re, at least, consistent .
    • The word “Detachment” came to me as I was designing my upcoming teleseminar . I now “get” what it means. I was deciding what the telseminar should cover.  I’m working with a great lady who has helped many people develop these. I changed my perception of what to include and the form it will take. Will it get the results I want? Who knows? Everything else that’s happened with the book has, so I don’t see why this won’t.  Yes I’m committed to it’s success and – at the same time – I’m detached. I can breather at last.
      • I’m finally realizing that I can be detached yet committed in every area of my life.

When I succeeded most I was most detached from “the” method or even the award associated with being the best. I just wanted to do a good enough job to stay in the game. When I saw the method being used was one I could do, and even enjoy, I got the results. That’s when I stuck with it. Had I been attached to the method I may not have found the one that worked best.  I just realized that this is what “the game of life” (as it’s called) is about!

A Childhood Memory

One example I thought of was the first summer I was sent to “sleep away” camp. I felt dislocated from home.  In my home you had to go to camp. Oy! I was just trying to get my bearings and not feel like I was in the “whale’s belly.” I had to learn what campers do.   I listened to the counselors and, thankfully, made a “best friend” and enjoyed being “girly” with my bunkmates. I knew it would make my parents happy to see me happy. That was my goal – to please my parents! Underneath I was terrified!

  • I never thought of myself as an athlete at seven years old! I did love to swim though and. I was good at that. You could be fat and swim.  I may also not have been as fat as I thought I was. And…I guess I always loved to make people giggle!
  • I had no idea they gave out awards at the end of the season. You can imagine my amazement when, at a special event,  they announced of the Winner of the Best Midgie Camper at Camp Reena!!!!!  Our head counselor, Aunt Rickey, called out: BARBARA HOROWITZ!!!

I’m not saying this to brag.   I’m using it as an illustration of my using a combination of methods to get through the day. Method #1 Listen to the counselor. Method #2 Help the kids who needed help – so that the whole bunk could have more fun. I guess I’ve always done that. Method #3 Force the tears down when they called me “Fat” or I felt I wasn’t good enough.. Method #4 Enjoy myself as much as I possibly could, which meant diving into those things that gave me a kick, wherever possible – and breathing through the terrifying times.

I thought that being committed to the way things had to work in every area of life is what got them to work.  I thought the artist must have a picture in his/her eye exactly what their sculpture was going to look like before they started and then, holding their brush and palette or hammer etc. in a specific way, they did everything necessary to bring that about.  But then I thought of my own camp days and my own songwriting.  Yes, I would get an idea of how I thought a certain concept would sound as a song, but if it didn’t seem to work in that style or with that rhyme scheme – it didn’t occur to me not to change it and try others.  Why would a sculpture be different from a song in terms of the creative process? Why should a business plan be different?

I got another major Aha  for today: There’s a vice versa to Commitment needs to go along with Detachment…

DETACHMENT takes COMMITMENT. Do you find it challenging to keep detached from things you want while in the process of going after them?  This  is one of my major challenges.  I need to just go about doing the days “mini-Qs” I designed to get what I want in any area and revise my path where necessary and trust that how the outcome is supposed to look will, indeed, happen.


This is the month is when the wholesalers are showing their fall merchandise.  If you happen to be in New York go to my website www.bobbiehorowitz.com and contact me and I’ll put you in touch with reliable people who can take you into some showrooms to buy really good clothing at about 75% less than retail, when you figure in the personal shopper’s commission.  I know this Tip is for people who do spend some money on their clothing.  Think of this though, when you buy clothes of this caliber the “cost per wearing” often drops to below zero. I’ve mentioned cost Per Wearing in previous Free Image Tip on my site.  Most of the clothes I own now owe me nuthin’!


When people are talking about the awards shows for various forms of entertainment many brand new productions are “sneaking in to theaters” as it were.  This is the time when new plays and musicals are previewing or putting on local productions and hope they’re in the running for awards in the future. It can be a good time to get good seats to new plays in a theater near you. It can be a great time to get involved with your local theater in helping it grow. You can often find bargain seats to budding New York productions too. It’s important for their development to fill as many seats as possible. I find it fascinating to see a show, be it on Broadway, Off-Broadway or Off-Off Broadway in its very beginnings and then see it again later on in its run. It’s interesting to me to see how it’s evolved. You might enjoy that too.

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  1. I just read “Detachment” in its entirety for the first time. I know that I will have to read it at least twice more in order “to get it totally” and finally buy your book. I see “mini-qs” are important for me, too.

    I now also know I must read your blocks only after I have eaten — not when I am hungry, as I am now.

    • Oh my – I just got this. i miss her too. She’s with me though.

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