“Am I Good Enough?”

I took a two mile walk around midtown to do items on my to do list on March 18th, a glorious record-breaking 74 degree day in NYC. The streets were packed with people. I just found a note I wrote to myself about that walk and I’d like to share it with you.

I tuned in to how many people were speaking loudly to business associates or cohorts on their cell phones, as though they wanted everyone on the street to hear what they were saying.  What really caught my ear was what almost every one of them was saying! It seemed like almost every one of them was either defending some action they’d taken or pointing out the error of someone else’s actions at work.  Every single one of them seemed to be proclaiming their innocence to anyone who could hear them, which meant everyone on the street. These weren’t street urchins. These were, for the most part, decently dressed businessmen and women.

I also passed a few groups of working people hanging out together in front of office buildings. In each group one member was snidely laughing at the idiocy of the employer or client or fellow worker who didn’t do what they’d like to have had them do.

I realized that many people spend much of their day in what seems to be judgment of others and then a light bulb went off in my brain.  I clearly saw that the person each was worried about was really himself/herself. Each was trying to prove that they were “right”.   In my mind I could almost hear them asking their friend or business associate, “Am I proving that I’m good enough?”

I catch myself doing this in my own mind. I can use this as an excuse to do too much  – or stop “doin’ anything. That walk convinced me to take a few moments each morning to relax in the silence and know that I am good.  When I know I’m good enough I’ll act as if that’s true and, of course, everyone else will see it as true. I don’t have to spend my day wondering if I’m “doin’ good enough!”


The spring weather brought my mind to a poem we’d say in kindergarten in Brooklyn.

“T’is spring!
Da boid is on da wing!
How peculiah, how absoid
I tought da wing was on da boid!”

I think of spring and I smile and giggle. It’s a great time to put on the brightest of the colors that are in your palette. Place the bright of YOUR hues near your face. They can be in a scarf for women or a tie for men.

Everyone looks well in certain shades of each color. It’s always good to know which hues of each color harmonize with your skin tone. Feel free to contact me if you’d like a color consultation. If you’re not near the New York area I’ll recommend someone where you live. Have some fun with it!


I was “googling” to find out more about an event a friend recommended in an email.  (Before 2004 I hardly heard of “google”. Now it’s a word I use all the time. ) While googling I came upon this site:


I was thrilled to find so many different events in different states listed. While I can’t vouch for the quality of each event it made it clear that there are man music festivals all over the country. I found sites for Europe as well. You might like to check this one out.


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