Our Body Is Like a Universe

I’ve had certain ponderings for years. I’m beginning to see many of the thoughts that came to me years ago, now being talked about by others. I’m not trying to say I’m brilliant and I’m the only one who came up with these ideas. I bet you’ve thought of these things too. A few years ago I saw a program, I think it was on The Discovery Channel, which had a video simulating the Milky Way galaxy. As I watched it I noticed myself looking at it as though it were a being. The solar systems within in it appeared to be like our organs. One of the solar systems could be the liver of the universe, one could be the heart, one could be the lungs, etc. etc.

Our cells were like the planets and the moons travelling around each planet like the protons and neutrons of the cell.  It made me aware of how “same” all of creation is and I “got” that we’re all part of the greater whole.

I know this can sound very philosophical.  That said, I do truly notice that when I think of my body as what we refer to as THE universe, it tends to heal more quickly. I realize that living entities (I consider the universe a living entity)  are all based on similar principles.  We are precious and our little cells depend on us. We are their home, just like our universe is our home.

I’m writing this asking you to acknowledge how valuable and important and valuable you are. You deserve to know that.


 This tip does, somewhat,  favor women. One day some years ago I was caught in a wild spring shower. My hair is thick and mid length and can get out of shape in a storm. I happened to have a soft beret with me. I found that you can roll the ends of your  hair around your index finger and then stuff the wound piece of hair into the beret. You can make as many of the “curlings” as you like or as you can and stuff them into the beret. When I got to my destination and took of the beret and combed my hair it looked as though I’d never been caught in the downpour. I had basically “set” it. I can leave the back of my hair out of the hat and it will look like a planned coif. Men can carry a soft jersey knit hat with them too. You wouldn’t want anything too warm – just a protector.


 Awards season is upon us. Find out if your area has entertainment awards in different categories. Often tickets are available to the public. They can be expensive, but not always. In some cases you can get a complimentary ticket when you make a donation to the theatrical enterprise, if it’s a not for profit.

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