Another AHA! – What Does “Go With The Flow” Really Mean?

I’ve heard the term “Go With the Flow” since I was young. I interpreted it as meaning I should do what people wanted me to do. I thought it meant that instead of being stubborn and wanting certain outcomes in situations, I should sit back and allow whatever happened to happen.  Doris Day’s recording of “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” was very popular when I was in high school.  I felt the song told me I was off the hook and didn’t have to make decisions.   Do you know anyone who thought that way?

A short while ago, I was telling someone how I began rejuvenating by using Dr. D’Adamo’s system of eating foods that serve my blood type.  The whole concept of eating for ones blood type sounded weird to me until I read his book.  A light went off in my brain as I was talking!  I saw how the creative force of our universe (God, if you will) adapts to circumstances as they occur. The adaptation may take over a thousand years, but in the big picture that’s not a lot of time.   When humans appeared everyone had one blood type – O. We ate raw animals and needed acid to break down the flesh.  Then the animals died out or ran away and we didn’t yet know to be nomadic.  Humans were dying. Eating just the chickens and grains and vegetables that were around didn’t do it. So what did the Universal Energy do? It created a new blood type – A! This happened two more time as circumstances changed. Hence we also have Types A and AB. I bet in time a new blood type that can deal will pollution and insecticides will appear.

AHA! I finally got it! If God adapts to different circumstances by adding or changing things to keep the universe flourishing- that’s not just letting what will be – be. That’s taking action – new and different action.  If God adapts, I need to adapt to changed circumstances to have the full and healthy life that I deserve to have. That’s not the same as giving in to circumstances and giving up the life I deserve.


I’m sure you already know this, but it doesn’t hurt repeating. The sun can do damage to your skin. There are some great new products out there. I’m thrilled to have found Isa Sun Guard. I also advise finding a hat with a brim that suits your color and style and that you wear it even when you’re walking in the street. If you’re outdoors in a bathing suit it’s also important to wear a cotton cover up at the beach. There are cotton robes made for men as well as for women. I gave up desiring to tan years ago and I’m glad I did.


 I’m thrilled to here that college students are putting on shows they’ve written for the public.  I’d check out the universities in your town to see what schools in your area are doing. NYU students recently presented an evening in a theater in NY. It’s wonderful for students to have the experience of working in a professional theater. If schools in your area aren’t yet doing this, you might want to suggest it to the school and help them make it happen.

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  1. Bobbie, you are really growing!
    Your positivity and optimism are really inspiring.
    Thank you for being such a bright spirit.

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