August 1st Switch!

Beginning with my next post, I’m going to switch the way I present my blog.
I’ll send out a one-line – once a week post.  
(A Slim, Sexy Spotlight – for seniors of all ages.)

Here I am in my 70s now (wow!) and with August coming up all I can think of is the August 1st Switch that was such a big deal at Camp Reena in the 1950s, when I was a pre-teen & teenager. The August 1st Switch was about camp dating partners switching their dating partner! It happened like clockwork every summer on August 1st!

I went to Camp Reena in Palmer Massachusetts from 1948-1957. I loved it, at least after my first summer. I couldn’t make head or tail of what to do that first summer. I guess I did know what to do because I, somehow, won The “Best Midgie Camper” cup. “Midgie” was the name of the youngest group. REENA was a sister camp to CAMP MOHICAN, the boys camp which was situated across beautiful Lake Aladdin. This is where I learned to write songs, as a very small girl. Well – I lie! I was never a “small girl” and that’s why August 1st Switch always hurt me so.

People say being a senior is so hard. Every age has its blessings and it’s hardships. I wouldn’t trade being in my 70s for being miserable about not getting a boyfriend in my teens during my pre-teen years.  I’m re-writing a book I began 20 years ago called, “You’re Lookin’ At a Winner!” for pre-teen boys and girls. I was the lead in the joint camp musicals and won a couple of additional cups in my years there –  BUT, I had a hard time getting a boyfriend – no less switching one for another!  That became an important element in my life. I believe we need to teach young girls and boys that they are each a work of art and beautiful. If they walk into the room “believing they are beautiful” people will “get” them as being beautiful.

Did you have trouble getting a dating partner when you were a kid? If you’re not married now, do you get that scary feeling you got as a youngster when it comes to meeting a possible love?  Guess what? So do most people. I’ve actually asked them! The best way to handle it is to talk to your little scary feelings! You might say,  “This s all make believe anyway and the way I feel has nothing to do with today’s reality. Having you just means I’m in the right place. Give yourself a big hug and cuddle and welcome those scary feelings!  Hug the feelings as though you were their mommy or daddy and say “Sweet little scary feelings – I know you come to me from years ago. I know you’re telling me I’m heading for what I really want – so I’m going to keep you around and we can be best friends. The person who’s looking for me might well have scary feelings too.  I’ve found that the scary feelings  (or body sensations as David Friedman calls them) can apply to many areas of life. Some people are afraid to get into their optimally sexy shape. They’re unconsciously (or consciously) afraid it will mean now they can’t blame being fat or skinny for not having love in their life. Some people are frightened to make that “business decision” they know is right and some people, with great talent, are afraid to appear on stage.

This August let’s all make an August 1st Switch in our lives. Let’s only think great thoughts about ourselves – even if the scary feelings come up  or we’re thinking: “Yeah right – I’m a star! Ha ha!”   Guess what? You are star!


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I’ve been getting several emails touting presentations for upcoming fall openings. Granted New York may have a larger theater industry than most towns – however many states are now offering viewings of plays that hope to open in the fall. Some of them offer great prices. I’m on lists in the theater community, so I get several; but I bet if you “google” theater presentations in your area. They may even want to fill the seats or to get audience feedback and you can get excellent deals.

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  1. Great post Bobbie. I wspecially loved you mentioning that no matter what age you are there are always challenges that present themselves. When one has confidence in themselves they can face anything. That’s what I love about you . You are beautiful, confident and full of life.
    Bobbie is my Heroine!

    • Roger – You’re THE best. It’s true about every age having it’s concerns. I was terrified the kids wouldn’t like me when i was 4 & 5 years old. I’d rather play in my grandma’s attic than go across the yard to see what her neighbor’s grandchild was doing.

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