Your one-liner post for August 7th

How have phrases you’ve heard or read, that were being used to disparage or make fun of the ages “50 PLUS”, affected your thoughts about those ages?


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  1. I’m now 67 and who can remember!
    All kidding aside I’ve never experienced any snide or invalidative comments about being old. The ones I’ve gotten were occasionally when I was much younger and I would say something that was positive and not negative I would get comments like “wait till you get older, you’ll see what I’m talking about” or ” You’re too young to know what I’m talking about” or “See me when you grow up”. I ignored all comments like this and I was right to do so.
    I’ve maintained and positive and creative atttitude throughout my childhood and straight on thru to now.

  2. I keep thinking I’m thirty–but what a surprise!
    When I face my mirror, I see other eyes.
    A wrinkle, a crinkle–one blink and they’re there.
    I feel in the pink but I can’t stand the glare.

    My jawline so soft that you don’t see the bone
    And where are the roses and where is the tone?
    I keep thinking I’m thirty–but though I’m no pup
    I sincerely believe that I’m not quite grown up…

    I keep thinking I’m thirty–though I know I’m not.
    I sway to the music–and not some gavotte.
    So–face in the mirror–with skin labeled “Dry”–
    You LIE!

    • I love your lyric Francesca! I love all your lyrics.

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