PROTEST – Perhaps We Should Look At This Word Differently.

It’s hard to avoid listening to the news. I usually feel like I’m getting someone’s negative opinion of what’s happening rather than simply seeing what’s happening. That said, it’s very hard not to hear about protests these days if you live in New York City.

While walking home from an appointment today I couldn’t get the word “Protest” out of my head and, lo and behold, I had one of those Aha Moments!

  • It dawned on me that we use the word protest to mean “standup against” or “fight” something. However, the word is made up of
    •  “pro”, which means “in favor of” and
    • test”, which means to “take action see if something works or doesn’t”.

This implies that the word means to be in favor of examining whether or not things are working (testing them) – and that could imply coming up with solutions that would work – if the method or action being tested shows negative test results. This would mean that it doesn’t do the job that’s needed to serve everyone.  Wouldn’t this be a much better way to look at things?

When people work together to find the best solutions that will serve as many people as possible (hopefully all people), instead of the unhappy group “fighting” the group that put in the system that’s being used – we’ll have more time to enjoy things!  If two groups of people want two different things (for reasons other than power or ego – there’s the rub) I’m PRO (in favor of) TESTING different solutions to find the one that best gets both groups what they need.

I understand that human history makes it difficult to accomplish this – However, while it isn’t “easy” it is simple. Again – it’s about unlearning. We need to unlearn what people throughout history – well meaning as some may have been – have wrongly taught us.   Oscar Hammerstein said it in South Pacific’s, “You’ve Got To Be Taught”.

Free Image Tip

 It’s finally getting chillier in New York City and ‘tis the season for show to begin in certain places. I’ve found it to be true that if your head is dept covered and warm, your whole body is warmer. I find that, in this kind of weather, I can do without the winter coat – if I cover my head.  I can wear a lightweight wool or knit cape and a man can wear a sport jacket and with a sweater under it. There are soft fabric hats (that you can slip into a bag if it’s not that cold when you leave home) for both women and men. For women, I love fabric berets that are on the larger side. Berets are not everyone’s style. But there should be a soft hat that is in your style. The same goes for men.

Free Entertainment Tip

 Seasonal holiday entertainments are sprouting up all over the country. Now that Halloween has passed we head to Thanksgiving. If you’re in New York City on Thanksgiving and you’ve never experienced The Macy’s Day Parade – it’s worth getting to.  AND…the night before the parade, if you can, get to the site where the balloons are blown up. It’s quite an event! It begins around 4pm on Thanksgiving Eve in the area between 77th & 81st Streets and Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.  My mom, the late Selma Horowitz discovered and loved this event in her late 80s!  It’s great for all young at heart adults and kids.

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  1. Your mom, Selma (I didn’t know her first name) was a lovely lady. How interesting for us to hear what she found in her 80’s re: blowing up of Thanksgiving balloons.

    Your friend,


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