The Truth and The Facts – Are They the Same Thing?

I’m beginning to think I was really a philosophy major like my sister and my son were. My mind seems to be connecting into the universe these days.  I start looking for a topic to write a funny song about and whoosh there comes another philosophy lesson!

I’ve been working on helping people shift their thoughts about aging. To do this, as you know, I had to look at our culture’s thoughts about aging.    To me aging simply means getting more experience. The underlying “truth”, that I’ve come to realize, is that when we truly use our experiences to learn the benefits we’ve gotten from both the “fun” moments and the “dreary” moments this planet has offered us –  and when we unlearn the many falsehoods we’ve been taught through our years on Earth –  the “fact” may appear to be that we’re “changing” as a result these enlightening experiences. I see the “truth” being that we’re really learning to return to being the pure creation we were born as and truly are.

  • Our body keeps the style it was born with. People will say the fact is that our body changes and becomes old.  I now see that the truth is our body may become a worn down version of the one we were born into this life with – like a worn out Cadillac Convertible or a worn out truck.” It also how worn down it becomes can depend on choices we make – and isn’t a worn down Caddy still a Caddy?
  • As you may know in my book “Find Your mini-Qs(?): Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond” I guide you to design day-by-day choices that will keep your body (you can think of it as your vehicle to travel Earth with) in as good shape as possible for you.

So – the facts will support the view that if you’re older you’re supposedly less able to go out there and create a new career, be hired for a job, by healthy, etc. etc.  because people usually go along with what they’ve been taught.

  • However, the truth is that there are people of all different ages who reinvent themselves. Therefore, you can too, when you’re older if you still have your mental facilities (and today you can even choose to take steps to better maintain your mind). A 70 year old can write and publish his/her first book. Hey, I did and other positive people over 60 years of age, that I’m thrilled to have been meeting of late, have either developed new careers, become helpful to a company that recently hired them as an employee or found their true love!

Free Image Tip

 It’s finally getting chilly in New York City and ‘tis the season for snows to begin in certain places. I’ve found it to be true that when your head is kept covered and warm, your whole body is warmer. I find that, in this kind of weather, I can do without the winter coat – if I cover my head.  I can wear lightweight wool or knit cape and a man can wear a sport jacket or my raincoat with a sweater that’s over a thin silk turtleneck, under it. There are soft fabric hats (that you can slip into a bag if it’s not that cold when you leave home) for both women and men. For women, I love fabric berets that are on the larger side. Berets are not everyone’s style. But there should be a soft hat that is in your style. The same goes for men.

Free Entertainment Tip 

Seasonal holiday entertainments are sprouting up all over the country. Now that Halloween has passed we head to Thanksgiving. If you’re in New York City on Thanksgiving and you’ve never experienced The Macy’s Day Parade – it’s worth getting to.  AND…the night before the parade, if you can, get to the site where the balloons are blown up. It’s quite an event! It begins around 4pm on Thanksgiving Eve in the area between 77th & 81st Streets and Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.  My mom, the late Selma Horowitz discovered and loved this event in her late 80s!  It’s great for all young at heart adults and kids.

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