“To Be Honest, The Gift I’d Really Like To Get Is…“

Words and phrases we use are still flying into my head and I realize I don’t understand many I’ve been using for years. I dare say that very few people, if any, do understand these phrases they use. Why do people often say, “To be honest” before a remark? Do they often plan to not be honest?  In the past week, More than a few friends and acquaintances have started a sentence with, “To be honest”, I never thought much about this or that until this year.

I caught myself saying it, just the other day. I was asked about the types of gifts I would like to receive this holiday season.  I said, “To be honest I”… Wait a minute! I don’t usually lie  – or do I?  Do I try to sound like I think other people would want me to sound?  I might be doing that. It makes people feel like “insiders”. I bet people who say that to me want me to feel as thought I’m a close enough friend to know their “real” feelings.

We needn’t begin our answers by mentioning our honesty in the question at hand; especially if we intend to be honest. I finally got that it’s perfectly fine to ask for what we want for Christmas and Chanukah and Cuanza, etc.

This year I’ll simply ask for peace of mind and health and the ability to support myself through the work I love doing that helps people. I won’t put  “to be honest, I’d like” in front of it. I may feel “goody goody” saying that, but why should I? It’s a great thing to be able to do work you love that also helps others. I’m going to drop my thoughts about being a goody goody and ask for what I need. You can ask too!  I’m honest  I’m quite sure you’re honest too!


When you visit NYC or a city that houses clothing design establishments try to get on the companies’ lists so that you can get notices of their sample sales.  This year, there are many holiday sample sales. You can often get jackets and trousers for less that a tenth of the retail price!  There are Sample Sales  for men as well as for women.


It’s that time of year again!!!!!!! It feels like a week ago Nutcracker Rated R closed its 5th season with F. Murray Abraham providing the opening number!  This year, it’s 6th season, the show opens on December 22nd at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. (Le Poisson Rouge is in the space that for many years was The Village Gate.) The form will be slightly changed and the length will be shortened to fit the new exciting space. 158 Bleecker Street  –  (212) 505-3474.  To learn more about the show and read reviews from past seasons click on: http://www.nutcrackerratedr.com

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