Whether Or Not You Think You Are – I Bet You’re Helping People!

In all cultures people who help people are looked up to. I think most people want their work to help people.  Many people I know say they’re only working for the money –  but even if they’re not working at their dream job, I tend to think most people try to find something in their job that makes them feel as though they’re helping people.  People who are working at a job that’s helping them fulfill their life’s goal are especially blessed in that area. My wonderful hairdresser helps me present myself well and he should earn money for that. My hairdresser also has a radio show, “The Colin Lively Show”, and I’ve been delighted to guest star on it.  Someone who teaches you to better present a song, as David Friedman does so well, is helping his students and he deserves to earn money for doing that. I also highly recommend David’s “Thought Exchange” to deal with the body sensations that occur when you want to do perfectly acceptable things that scare you for one reason or another. The book is on Amazon.com. Through my book and workshops I help people have fun songs to sing and/or use at thei events and to present themselves and feel great and remain ever youthful and fit and forward thinking. Bill Quain mentored me in terms of publishing and, especially, marketing the book I wrote. He is a born helper.  I’m also very proud of my son, David Slone. I learned that the performers in his Variety shows get paid for having performed even one number. He paid me when I did a number in Le Squeezebox Review!  The performers deserve to get paid and David deserves to earn money for having produced the show.  That’s the way it used to be and I think this is one “used to be” in night clubs and I think this is one “used to be” that would do well to be reinstated.

Even if you’re an actor who is temporarily working as a waiter, you’re helping the people you serve and the owners of the place in which you work.  You are a contribution.

Think about the ways in which YOU help people. I bet you’ll come up with dozens! Guess what? You can be willing to give your all and know you’re allowed to get paid for what you contribute to people.


I find that a great thing to think of when dressing during the winter months is “layers”. They can be thin layers. Friends complain they’re freezing and I’m happy because I have many layers warming my torso.  If your style is even slightly dramatic a silk turtleneck will work beautifully. I recommend tees and knee socks made by a company called Wintersilks, because they come in great colors and they take up no space under clothing. I can put lightweight cashmere sweater over that and under a suit or sport jacket. These three layers, worn under a winter coat, should provide the warmth you need. I’ll speak of accessories in my next blog.

  • If you’d like to be certain of your style, so you know whether a VNeck sweater or round neck sweater suits you better, a shorter suit jacket or a longer one is best for you, rough or smooth fabrics suit your style, etc. I will be giving “video-conference” workshops in style in the next couple of months. It will be on my website as soon as the first is scheduled.


This year’s Nutcracker Rated R has only three performances left. The dates are next Thursday, 12/29/11 at 8:00PM and 11:PM and on Friday 12/30/11 at 8:00PM.   I was wondering how it would work in a “club” space. In past years it played in a “theater”.  I got my answer this past Thursday. It not only worked it outdid the well-reviewed performances of the past years. The room was packed!  If you are in NYC don’t miss it. It maybe sold out. Call (212) 505-3474. The Box Office opens at 5PM. I recommend Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker Street) in general. The service was great and guests felt welcomed.  It’s in the space that once held The Village Gate, famous for great shows for 38 years. I’m blessed to have known the owner, Art D’Lugoff.

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