The World Is Changing and So Must I!

I’ve been facing one of the most interesting challenges of my life. I’m not saying that it’s an “I could die” challenge. However, it is VERY interesting to me. I’d be very interested to know what other seniors think of it.

I’m getting more and more evidence, through my daily activities, about the need for changing attitudes about technology among many people -especially men and women in the over 60 age range.  As you must know by now I authored a book about attaining and maintaining your optimum weight and fitness and I geared it to the over 50 years old group. While the same principle holds true for all age groups I geared it to that age range because I speak the language of older people and there are many of us now. I felt (I know) I could help many, many people. The method I designed for myself worked and continues to work for me. I can help people design their very own plan, one they can stick with because it’s geared to their body and because it’s designed to fit right into their own daily lifestyle.

I had/have the best mentor one could hope for, Bill Quain, who has coached many successful authors for years. He had to admit there’s been a change in the past couple of years since I began writing the book.

People I know and people I get to give talks to almost always get excited and buy the book and enjoy it and use it. Many people who read it have sent me the most heartwarming testimonies! To a person they tell me how much they love the cover design by Jack Parry of Parry Design. You can see a few of the testimonies and the book cover on my site under Author. You can watch a recorded tele-seminar explaining what the book is about AND why it’s title is what it is. I’m overjoyed by the response of people I’ve gotten in touch with.

Okay – why am I writing this post?

People who have not met me or haven’t been on my email list won’t find my book!  In the past people would meander through a bookstore. They’d go to the shelves where all the books about a subject they might be interested would be.  They’d be attracted to a pretty cover with a clever title and they’d pick it up and browse through it.  My book would do great in that environment.

When people search the web, the process is quite different. They put in the topic they’re looking for (as simply as possible so that just those books they might be interested in show up. They have to keep the topic title simple so they get right to what they want. Some people might refer to the change as a “dumbing down” of our society.  Rather than having the title allude to something special in the particular book, it’s got to be very simple and blunt and not creative to get a high number of hits.  KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) is the rule of the day.

There are people who specialize in doing “key word searches” i.e., which words are used most often to search for a particular type of item.  I’m writing a second book with a title that’s based on a ”key word search.”  I’m actually co-authoring it with a wonderful man I was introduced to by Bill Quain. He was in Bill’s class. They’re a bit more than a decade younger than I.   I’ll write more about him and what the book is about when it’s ready to be published.

I can use this book, which will come up on web searches to continue to help seniors and also to bring attention to my first book. I can mention my other book when this book comes up on the search. They do go together nicely.   I do notice that books are being churned out these days.  I want to make sure our new book has great merit before publishing it  – and – today one needs to get it out there FAST.  I feel like I’m entering the Twenty First Century.

Remember a previous post in which I mentioned that I see the world progressing like the flame coming from a match that’s been lit?  We’re somewhere not that far from the beginning of that flame and we’re in a period of major transition.  We’ve quickly transforming from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. Change is always a bit frightening. When I get concerned about my ability to learn the technology I freeze up for and instant and then I allow the “freeze up” sensations to be there and I dive into the waves of technology! Keeping up with the world keeps me young!

I’d love you to follow the process!


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