I’m Still Stuck In Words! Why Is Everything A “Secret”?

This post will be short and shhhhhhhhhhhh!  Don’t tell!

Have you noticed that the word Secret has become the common title for anything being taught? I apologize to the people I love who use this word. The first time I remember hearing it used to describe something to teach -rather than something to “fill me in on” – was when I was studying Stephen Covey’s, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” I do remember loving the book. I didn’t question the word “secret” being used then.

I’ve become entranced with the word SECRET. I’m beginning to think it’s become the most overused word we have. It’s also used oddly. Instead of being something we don’t really want to “let out of the bag”, it’s become what we want to teach.  Does it make it seem more important for the student (the adult student, i.e., the shopper)

I hear an element of “Shhh!” in the word “secret”. I’m not supposed to be privy to that information. There’s something “naughty” about me knowing it.

But, isn’t what’s being taught in the video The Secret or the books that use the word merely something someone knows that you don’t yet know?   I wonder if kids in my first grade class in Brooklyn would have gotten more exited about arithmetic if we were told we were going to learn “the secret of addition!”? How about “the secret of spelling”?  This type of secret isn’t quite like “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Kids love knowing what they’re not supposed to know. At least, we did when we were kids. But “secret”, when I was a kid, meant “hush-hush”.

Secret could have a happy connotation at times like a “surprise birthday party” for someone should be kept secret till the event. That still implies to me that someone shouldn’t know something rather than everybody will be better off knowing this.

What is clever about using the word “secret” is that the slightly forbidden implication does attract people. Hmm…forbidding attracting…that could make another whole post.



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