It’s Not Christmas – But I Feel Like I Stepped Into “It’s a Wonderful Life!”

I coach people, including older people. I coach  presentation skills and I help them design their own path to fitness and rejuvenation.  In short, I find techniques to help them love themselves. I’ve said it many times in this blog and elsewhere that in my late 60s I realized my mission was to see to it that people love themselves.  I’m certain that self-love is the basis of being able to love and contribute to other people and to the world.

Some of my older clients have revealed that they were beginning to feel unnecessary in the world. I spend time helping people “unlearn” the ideas they’ve taken in from the information that’s thrown at them; the silly birthday cards and the jokes and the descriptions of older people.

Okay! I want to let you know that I’m not 100% exempt from having these thoughts enter my head either.  Here I was with projects looking like they might take off and – at the same time  – feeling like I wasn’t really needed around anymore!  I knew that these thoughts were goofy and based on nothing real; but that’s the way I was feeling. I knew that I’m healthy and in shape and learning new things and that’s all nice – but who was I really helping?  The first two months of “Leap Year” 2012 were leaping by and I was beginning to feel like I no longer belonged on this lovely planet. I was questioning my own value. See – even though people all think I’m “the happy one”, these feelings can hit even me. I knew that people were going “Yay!!” about the video idea that I’ve been putting together (you’ll hear more about this in about a week or so when the papers are ready) and about other projects I’m working on –  but I’ve discovered that there are times when these negative thoughts can come into almost anyone’s mind.

THEN BOOM! I get an email from a performer, David Pressler, who took a Color/Style workshop I gave in New York. David is now living in Florida with his wife. He sent me You Tube videos of them singing. This guy is fabulous! As I watched and listened to him perform I wished I was an agent. I actually did find someone to introduce him to in Florida. He kept thanking me for the class and for being there and rooting for him.  I thought to myself, “Maybe I have made a difference to someone!”

The very next day – I was contacted by a spectacular young lady named Michelle Baldwin who had been in the same class! She’s now making a documentary about theater life for performers and others and she said that she’d like me to be one of the people featured in this documentary, because the class made a difference for her and she feels as though it will help other performers and business people.  She brought a very bright fellow to my apartment today and we filmed.  She’s a very positive force.

Here I was planning to enter my beginning of March blog post on another topic. However, I couldn’t get the movie,  “It’s a Great Life” out of my mind. That’s the Christmas movie in which Jimmy Stewart dies and can’t think of a reason he’d be in heaven. He feels as though he never really made a difference on Earth. An angel lets him see the people whose lives he touched and how positive his contribution was.

I got a lot of joy from teaching that class.  Now, I realize that “ya neva know” what difference you’re making for others. When you’re afraid you’re not good enough, please know it’s just a thought. I’ll bet you’re a contribution to many people.


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March is Cabaret Month. The Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs will present the prestigious MAC Awards at BB Kings on March 19th. Much of America doesn’t realize that there are so many wonderful shows playing in cabarets.  Some of the cabarets are supper clubs. New songs are being written and new performers and well known favorites thrill audiences nightly. The cost of a cabaret show including the food or drink minimum is usually lower than a ticket to a Broadway show. I would like to see all the hotels promote the great cabarets in the New York as well as our wonderful Broadway!

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