Why Do We Turn Things That Simply Need To Get Done Into “Fights”?

I’m back to the craziness of how we use words in our language. I bet other languages experience this too if the creatures speaking them are Homo sapiens!  It took me living a long while to see how some words can make out thoughts work in ways that don’t help us.

FIGHT AGAINST DISEASE? Why do we turn handling things into “fights”. Is a fight the only thing that spurs Homo sapiens on to get things done?  Saying I have to fight overeating puts me in a position where there is a possibility of losing.  If there are cancer cells in a person’s body isn’t it healthier and don’t you have a better chance of being well again and staying free of cancer if you say something like: ”Let’s research techniques to keep the body in balance so that it doesn’t create new cancer cells and also methods of removing any cancer cells that may remain. I tend to breathe easier and get more accomplished when I don’t feel like I’m battling.

I may be the only one that feels this way because I hear Fight This or Fight That all the time.

Instead of “fighting” racism I find I get better response when I educate people and talk matter of factly to people.  As a Certified Image Consultant, when I give color/style workshops I’ll always throw in the there aren’t really any such things as races. We’re all shades on the light off-white and beige to darker brown scale and how bright and pervasive the sunshine was where our original ancestors were living when the family started out would determine where we were on the scale of off-white to brown. If cell phones had existed when mankind started we’d probably all speak the same language and have similar views.

Fighting against depression would get me more depressed. I’d much rather hear “allow happy thoughts to take hold” than “fight depression”. I think my brain would move much more quickly become less depression ridden if I said to it, “Brain – allow joy to flow into you today.” – than it would if I told it to “fight depression!”

Another thing we often tell people is to “fight for your rights” How about telling them to ask for their rights and giving a good reason as to why they should have those particular rights. Find the right people to contact about them and keep contacting them. If they don’t listen, get signatures from as many people, who agree the “whatever” is needed, as possible and get the signatures to the person in charge.  When I mentioned this to someone a while ago he said, “But that is fighting!”  It doesn’t fit my definition of fighting! The minute someone says, “No” and we ask again, we’re said to be fighting. I’m not fighting when I do that. I’m asking and educating.


If you’re in NYC this week and next are great times to visit one of the weekly variety shows in town. Wednesday Night at the Iguana (8-10:30PM) is a booked show that books top entertainers for a couple of songs each. The shows have been terrific in the past couple of months. I know I’m promoting myself promoting my son since we’ve each been booked there recently!  Hostess Dana Lorge is up for 3 MAC Awards, one of them being for hostess and another for producing the weekly show. The Iguana is located at 240 West 54th Street and reservations are a must. Call (212) 765-5454

On Sunday nights the Salon, which is an open mic – featuring top entertainers. It’s at Etcetera, Etcetera on 44th between 8th and 9th Avenues. It runs from 7-10:30PM. Sign in to sing is at 6:15. The Salon is up for a MAC Award for Open Mic.


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