April Fools Day Is FAB For Seniors, Juniors and Everybody In Between!

First, I have to tell you that I will no longer be writing this blog or anything else. I’ve been told that many of the songs I write are funny and that my blog was beginning to show tendencies toward irony and, even humor. I apologize to all for this.

April Fool!!!!!!!!!

I can’t think of anything that’s more of a contribution to the world than humor. Great music’s contribution may be on a par with good humor.

I had a great time “googling’ the origins of “April Fools Day”. I was fascinated to find out that almost every country has had a Fools Day of some kind. They may have fallen on different dates because our calendars weren’t aligned.  To me, the importance isn’t so much the date as that a Fools Day or Prank Day, as it’s been referred to in some countries, exists at all!

The fact that almost every civilization and country, at least in the past 2,000 years has honored a silly day of pranks gives me hope for further development of our species – AND – for people to be able to stay youthful longer!  Do you see how people often look younger when they’re telling a joke or a funny story? They also look more at peace with themselves.  I truly believe that seniors should attend (good) comedy shows as often as possible. In my opinion (I may be wrong) there have been a slew of poorly trained comics in the past twenty years. Risqué words alone do not “funny” make and everyone starting with “How y’all doing’ tonight?” can get tedious. But, of late, I’ve seen some super comics. This is a change for the better!  Most of these have been over 50 years of age – but – some of the 30, and even, 20 “somethings” are really cookin’!

I feel blessed to have known Jackie Mason who can lighten the heart of almost anyone who attends one of his shows. I also have to say that the audience I saw at Dame Edna’s show became too young to be in a theater without parents – right before my eyes!

Laughter builds the spirit and seems to dissipate rivalries.  Certainly there’s that underhanded humor often used by late night talk show hosts when they’re speaking of political issues.  However, straight out humor and prankishness seems to keep even the oldest participants giggling.

I have to give my family credit for turning April Fools’ Day into a spontaneously happy eventful day!  My Dad who was always conducting tongue in cheek pranks (I wish I knew some of them were pranks when I was young – hmph hhmmph!) did get us to see the humorous side of things and we rarely had fights in our household. I bet that’s why he was such a good Labor Relations Attorney. He could get the different sides laughing and then they could see that they were truly agreeing more than they were disagreeing.  I just this moment realized that his birthday would
have been yesterday – March 31st. I bet he felt he had to get out of my Grandma Becky in time for April Fool’s Day!!

I’m going to do my best to get April Fools Day a higher place in our national holiday focus!  We should encourage humor in our country. UN Missions could have Comedy Evenings, which would, of course, contain comedy songs! Wouldn’t it be great if two missions from countries that are “enemies” produced an evening of comedy with a party following?  I can hear the fear and uh oh’s. You know what? I betcha – if they could start laughing together – the people of each of the countries could find a way to unlearn the silly things they’ve been taught about the people from the other country.  Remember- “You’ve got to be carefully taught!”

Sound too simple? I have a feeling it is simple and we’ve been making it complex and hard.  I’m not saying this as an April Fools joke.



I’ll bet you have places that feature comics in your area. There are several comedy clubs in NYC.  Lately, fabulous comics like Nancy Redman and Warren Schein have been appearing in the variety shows I mentioned in my last post.  The Love Show and Le Squeezebox Cabaret feature comics, among them, The Great Dubini, who is a wonderful magician – who happens to be very funny. Keep your eye out for humor. It’s always good to laugh.


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