We Need Words That Will Let People Know That Humans are Part of One Species. We’re Each Unique Pieces Of One Thing!

The more I think about it, the more I get to see that words and how we verbally refer to things affects our behavior.  For example, we get excited talking about different designers. A person may say he’s carrying a Louis Vuitton brief case. While we know that’s considered a fine and expensive brief case, the reality is that’s it’s a brief case.  If briefcases had brains, while they might look up to the durability of the leather chosen to make the Louis Vuitton product.  However, I doubt that they’d think of them as anything other than a brief case – until they were taught to think otherwise.  Some knives are stronger than others. There are various types of knives; but we still call them all knives.

As I get older, I think of people less and less as different races or sexes or nationalities, etc. I’ll notice a difference in the tone of skin or shape of eye, etc. But it would be the same as my looking at the differences between a silk scarf or a wool scarf. The purpose of each would be to decorate my neck and one would be cooler to wear than the other. The wool scarf, might keep me warmer.  So I’d choose the wool scarf on colder days.  That wouldn’t make me value the silk scarf less. It’s the same for people. To me all people are potential friends or work associates.  One may be good to her sing another great to get medical treatment from, etc.  That said, they’re all people.

When I was little I’d often hear races referred to as though they were different species.  Thankfully, my parents didn’t look down on other races to the extent most of Americans seemed to.  Still, I never felt that I was supposed to think of other races in terms of possible spouses.  I felt that it was okay to mate a Silky Terrier with a Spaniel.  However, one would not expect to see a Caucasian man or woman with a mate that had dark brown skin.

I realize how fortunate I am to have been living very close to the United Nations for the last eleven years.  I’ve mentioned this before.  There are families who have come to New York City from all over the planet, who live in my building.  All the young children play together and we all get along. It’s evident to me that we’re all, basically, the same. I used the term “planet” and not “world” on purpose. I have no idea whether the living creatures in other galaxies are the same species that we are.

When I think of human races I think of them as different designs of the same product.  I now don’t even think of  “races”. We’re really all shades varying between warm or cool light beige – to warm or cool dark brown.  It all depended how strong the rays of the sun were where the earlier members of the family were living. The different accents and even different languages etc. came about because we had no way of communicating with each other.  If cell phones existed when “man/woman” began being born on Earth, we’d probably all be speaking the same language.

What’s exiting to me is that we’re each unique. We’re each a cell that’s part of one living thing.  I may have said this before. At the risk of sounding crazy, I see the Universe as a being. The galaxies are the organs in the being and the solar systems are the cells.  That leaves the planets as the equivalents of protons or neutrons. The creatures on each planet comprise the food for the protons and neurons. We help the planet grow and, therefore help our solar system grow, etc. etc. We’re tiny, but VERY important.  This may be a scientifically simplistic view. I wasn’t a science major so if may even be a bit off, factually. However, as I see it, when groups of us fight each other – it’s like eating a food that changes or obliterates the value of another food. We’re trying to insure that the other group doesn’t hold the major position. Each cell is unique; but together all the cells in us comprise our single body. So humans are one species. We seem to have brains that are large enough to keep our planet doing its job as part of our solar system as part of our galaxy as part of our universe as part of the world.

I now get that we needed countries (governments) to see to it that crops got planted and people had food and places to sleep. I’m sure they didn’t start out because one of them was supposed to have supremacy over the others.

I wonder if there’s a way of phrasing the way we speak and of choosing words that can make “black skinned person” come off the same way to us as saying “black haired person”.  Brunette or blond hair amounts to the same difference as black or pale skin, no?  It’s merely an attribute of a hue. It doesn’t define character. The same would be good for different countries and governments.  I think words and phrases set us up to think about things in a certain way.  If you can think of a system of using different phrases to describe the differences we see between people in our species I’d love to hear from you. We were merely taught that we weren’t all equally valuable. Perhaps you can come up with something that leads people to see the truth that we’re one.







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  1. mmm breaks. I take them too often these days :)I spent the whole last year syduting for my last year at school and for the university entrance examinations, and I felt so guilty at any time when I wasn’t syduting. I tried to take some breaks but it was impossible to relax because I had much tension.This year I take things a bit more relaxed, I have my break everyday after lunch, I sit in the sofa and watch Tv, or read, or draw, or read blogs. And it actually works on me. I’m more positive at everything.Hope you enjoyed your break day! Big kisses to you, wonderful, beautiful observer 🙂

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