“Structure Offers Us Safety Only When It’s Been Designed And Administered With Love”

“Structure” provides us with safety only when those who design the structure and those who are responsible for keeping it in order are coming from a loving place.  I’m writing this post to explain what I was hinting at in my last post.

All my thoughts about structure and formality of structure being linked with a feeling of safety include the assumption that the “Structure” was put in place by a person or people who are serving with love.

I sense that this isn’t always the case. Structures put in place by madmen (frightened people) can be hazardous to our safety.

I think that when the structure is stuffed down our throat, rather than taught to us, and when we can’t question it for fear of being hurt, sometimes physically, it has the opposite effect.  It puts defeat into the minds of most people.  It can include doing ominous things.  Certain groups use these regimens to entrap people.  I’m sure you can name a few of the obvious groups and/or people who have done this.

I realize I might have people wanting to strangle me when I say what I’m going to say. I’ll say it anyway, because I think that I might be able to help some people, who can hear what I’m saying.

I wish all heads of state – everywhere – would think about this. I didn’t come up with the idea. After heating talks, from people who have earned my respect, I realized a young Jewish spiritual teacher hit the nail on the head. He lived during the time of the Second Temple – during the time the Roman Empire claimed great power and instilled fear in many people. The Roman leaders were probably afraid too or they wouldn’t have had to keep proving that they were powerful. Jesus was kind of  “New Thought” for his time.

No words have changed my outlook more, in the past couple of years, than, “Forgive them father. They know not what they do. “ It made me more able to deal with the news on TV and stuff I hear about. I could look at the 20th Century in a different light. He realized that they needed education rather than hate. After working in a couple of high schools for troubled students I can attest to the truth that it’s hard to get frightened students to accept the education being offered them.

I believe that it’s absolutely essential for governing bodies to truly care about the people they’re “serving”. I translate the word “govern” as meaning “serve”.  I now realize that we all really want to serve. So – why don’t all the leaders always serve? I think FEAR rears it’s head. You may not agree with me, but I believe Adolf Hitler must have been terrified to do what he did.

Does that mean that if Adolf Hitler – or anyone else – entered my home wanting to kill my son that I wouldn’t find a knife and kill the predator first? Believe me, I’d find a way to end the possibility of anything less than wonderful happening to my son!

It helps me to know this, because if anyone tries to hurt me in some way, I’m not going to hate him/her.  I’ll do what’s necessary to keep myself from getting physically hurt and, then, if they’re sane enough to talk to, I’d like to see if it’s at all possible to explain to them that they must have been taught something by someone who had a very sick take on things. The teacher of my predator must have been taught by someone and so on. When Hitler was in power I have a feeling many (probably most) German families didn’t agree with his take on things. They just didn’t dare to go against the madness.

We might be able to make headway in restoring peace more quickly if we’re coming from love rather than from “hate” too.   I might have to kill a lot of people who “a Hitler type” would incite to feel they should kill me.  However, eventually, it might be possible to get to the bottom of things and find a way to unite the groups.

I’m blessed to live near the UN. Many UN workers live in my building.  I’ve become very close with a beautiful young woman who is on the staff of the Iraq Mission. She’s considered an ace young negotiator. Last night I was double blessed to meet and befriend the Deputy Permanent Rep to the UN from Iraq. He’s one of the sweetest and most generous people you could want to meet. He’s Christian and Noora is Islamic. I feel blessed to have them living in my building and my heart is relaxed knowing that people like this are on the negotiating team and that they’re greatest wish would be for world peace.

Yet, I get “HATE” emails from friends of mine telling me why Muslims are terrible. I’m thankful that my recent studies have led me to understand that they’re not HATE emails – they’re FEAR emails.

I’m thankful that I’ve heard many “spiritual” talks by top speakers and taken enough classes in this area to understand that a few “crazies”, in the otherwise caring Islamic culture, create the thought that if people don’t hate the entire group the world will come to an end.

I always thank Oscar Hammerstein for his brilliant lyrics “You’ve Got To Be Taught.

I’d love to hear what you think about this.  

Please add your comments.






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  1. Nicely put, Bobbie. I remember our friend Don Cayea, the lawyer, when confronted in negotiation by an adversarial attorney who began yelling and banging the table, he’d ask the guy, “What are you afraid of?” Perfect example of what you’re speaking of.

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