A Day Off – Those “Ancients” were on to something!

I now realize that those “Ancients” weren’t stupid.  I can’t think of a group I’ve ever studied or read about, that lived close to the beginning of recorded time – or what we think was close to the beginning – that didn’t have “a day of rest” planned into their week.

It’s also interesting to me that the number seven comes up so often. The world was created in SEVEN days and then God (or the creative spirit or whatever words help you to connect) rested. The ancients must have copied that concept and created a seven day week. The seventh day was deemed to be a “rest” day, a day of prayer and thankfulness.  People could actually slow down on that day and take a day off from work. We call it “religion”. It sounds like a wise labor union leader spoke with the officials of those ancient tribes.  Later on the day was changed to Sunday – but I think that was just to show they were different. Seven days of work and then a day of introspection for each member of the group as well as the camaraderie of being together while not engaging in labor.

Men and women had to physically work hard to grow food and make warm coverings and keep their progeny physically alive. Today women look at being told what role to play as discriminatory. I think the roles that were created in ancient times were necessary for survival.

We still work hard, just with slightly different emphases on the activities we need to concentrate on. Both sexes now probably work harder mentally, However, I hear many men and women I know say that they’re thrilled to have a day off from work, be it at an office or at home – be it working for others or in their own business. They tell me they need the day off so that they can finally get their bills out or their reports or articles or songs written or their work emails answered, etc. etc. etc.

”A Day Off ”.  What does that really mean?

The Ancients used wisdom rather than panic to make the choice of having an organized prayer time for the people who lived in their area. They created a time for them to go within and allow their minds to ponder the universe, what their purpose might be in that universe and the reasons they had to be thankful they were created.  Of course, prayer time was a community meeting time and also seemed to me to provide a way to put forth a comforting order for the group. I believe the ancient beginnings of prayer days were instituted to give the people “a breather” and offer them the sense of safety that comes with community..

I’m recently finding that simply taking some breathing time is causing me to attract more business.  There’s nothing else I’ve changed in the past few weeks. It’s not a new web marketing practice or a new area of study, etc.  The only change I’ve made in my life is, I’m not working so hard!  Does that make sense to you? It didn’t to me until I tried it.  While meditating, I’ve realized that, in the past, I accomplished the most, when I periodically took time off  – for ME. I always remember that I studied my butt off at Cornell. I thought I had to work doubly hard because I got in with some pull. **BUT – I’d forgotten that I always took a weekend day (well…most of one anyway) off to go to a Sports Event or, if there was none, to a movie and then dance my feet off to a band at a fraternity party that night!

Even with taking part of a day off each week, my good pal Billy used to say, “Horowitz – you overdo everything!”  I think I “finally” understand what he meant.

Taking a day for yourself doing things that aren’t related to your work is very important, especially when you’re in your senior years. I’m seeing how a breather helps rejuvenate my mind. I love what I do – and a break can open my mind to see new thoughts!  Then everybody can benefit.

Again – when I say, “A Day Off, I’m not talking about a day off from your job so you can work on your job. I’m talking about benefiting the total YOU: your work, your spirit and your joy. It’s giving me energy to get more work done when my mind is back from break time. However, getting that energy has to start somewhere.

As a woman I understand “woman’s work”. Even before it was expected that women started working, it was difficult for women to think in terms of a day off for themselves.

In the next post I’ll talk about how taking a couple of minutes every day for resting my own mind is helping. I’m developing a set of daily “mini-Qs” I’ll use to clear my mind so I can make wise decisions.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about this.





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