“I Sense That World Peace Is Possible & Will Occur At Some Point“

The UN is in going into session and tomorrow my neighborhood will be filled with police cars and limos.  Diplomats are arriving from other countries for special meetings. It can get a bit crazy-making “traffic wise” when the UN is in its yearly session – but ya know? – I get a kick out of the fact this organization still exists. I remember when it was formed.  My class took trips to see it in Lake Success, where it was originally set.

People keep saying that nothing gets done at the UN. However, I think it’s a lot better to have it exist than to have no forum at which representatives from different countries can communicate with each other. The people at the UN aren’t fighters – at least not the UN diplomats I know., who live in my building or in my neighborhood. They’re the loveliest people you could want to know and they really have a goal, perhaps it’s only a dream at this moment, for world peace.  With people like the people I know working there, it’s only time before their countries’ people will here them and realize we really don’t have to fight or be unhappy with each other.

What gets me excited about the possibility of peace now is that I’ve become very close with some of the diplomats.  In a previous post I may have mentioned the lovely young lady who lives in the apartment beneath mine. She works at the Iraqi mission.   She’s the love of the world.  She’s well educated and dedicated to her work and to peace. She’s only one of the several lovely Muslim friends I have.

Coincidentally to the UN having it’s session in September, the Unity Center I’ve been going to of late is having one of the Board members lead a class in Jesus and Judaism this month. I’ve been having the best time realizing that Jesus was getting back to basics.  He was trying to cut the political additions that came on when the religious leaders got scared for one reason or another.  Remember, this Hebrew New Year’s celebration was for the year 5,773 and Jesus lived 2012 years ago. That means he lived 3,761 years after we believe the faith we call Judaism began, according to the stories in the bible.  Getting the dates exactly right would be near to impossible. I’m sure that the politics of one or more of the temple leaders added formalities to the system.  I hope I’m not offending anyone, but I think you can agree that it would be surprising if there were no added codifications over the “3,700 + year” period.  Therefore, basic Judaism is whatJesus’s was aiming to teach. I sense that he succeeded in accomplishing his goal. Governing or organizing bodies tend to add stuff to a group practice. Adding a little fear gets people to be afraid of not following the in-group of the organization’s doctrines.

I was touched to hear the rabbi at the Jewish Theological Seminary speak about the basics of the story behind the Jewish New Year practices. It seemed to me to follow what Jesus was going for too.  All people can connect with whatever the energy is that brought forth life and planets, etc.  We call that energy God. Jesus was a very clear thinking Jew.

When the countries of the world are aware of this and when they realize they don’t’ have to fear not having enough, so they have to blame another team for possibly taking it away from them, an argument like the one Adolf Hitler used to sell people just wouldn’t sell.

I’m sensing that finding out the ways in which all the groups of people on Earth are alike, is the first step to world peace. This has gotten me entranced with doing further study. I do know that – at least according to the bible- Judaism, Christianity and Islam all started with Abraham’s family.  I think that’s a clue – but I want to do more research before writing about it.

I do see PEACE on the horizon. It may not happen in my lifetime – but it’s not impossible that it will. I’m going to write more about this just as soon as I have more info. I promise to have something within the next few posts. I feel that much of the world is afraid of positive news. I’m willing to stick my neck out. If sticking my neck out can make peace come to earth even one minute earlier than it would have without me, it will have been worth my effort.





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  1. Great stream of thought. Thanks. I live on the upper east and although inconvienienced by the UN session, I find it exciting as well.

    I am interested in the Judiasm and Jesus class you mentioned. Where is it held?

    • Dear Mike – It’s being given at The Unity Center, 213 West 58th Street on Monday’s at Noon.
      Thank you for your comment – Bobbie

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