Does Having Lived Longer Necessarily Mean You’ve Made a Greater Contribution?

I keep hearing people talk about how the world will be a better place because we’re living longer lives.  As I’m gadding more years to my life I’m realizing that you may have already “gotten” what has taken me over seventy years to get – and – I’m still working on it!  Even if you didn’t “get” it, I now see that each and every one of us is necessary for the world.

I’m aiming this post toward you who may have had a friend, a family member (even a child) make their transition at a young age.  I’m not saying anyone shouldn’t allow him/herself to take the time to grieve for the loss. What I am realizing is that every person who passed on – at any age – did, indeed, add value to this planet and to the world.

Every little cell in our body contributes to our body’s development and some cells don’t survive for long periods of time.  We did, however, use those cells and they were, therefore, important to us.

While I agree that the world is in development and will become what it was designed to be at some point, I don’t know that the number of years in a human lifespan is always the major aspect of that life that counts in terms of contributing to our planet’s development.  I love living. That’s for sure – and – I don’t know that if I live to be over 100 years old it will mean I’ve contributed more to the world than many, I can think of , who died at a relatively young age.  I should add that even when the Earth is “fully created” there might be slip-ups on the planet from time to time, which will cause it go into correction mode and it will keep needing the creatures that live on it to help it remain the creation it’s supposed to be.

By the way, I have no idea where I’m getting my information about the Earth’s future from.  It just seems logical to me based on my study of history.

Back to “life’s length” determining its value.One thing that people over 100 years old do automatically contribute to others is a possibility of long life and an inspiration to keep going.   I’m not downing the people who live longer in any way, I’m merely trying to encourage people to contribute their talents etc. without even thinking about the years they’ll live.

I’m thinking about this issue because my baby sister Susie’s birthday would be coming up on November 1st and her friends and, hopefully some family members, will be gathering to celebrate her productive life that ended fifteen years ago just after she turned 51.  In fifty-one years my sister helped more people than many help in one hundred years.  We held her funeral at Riverside Memorial Chapel in NY and she was buried in the family plot in a cemetery that follows the traditional Jewish steps for burial. Therefore, the service was held the day after her passing.  I was afraid to contract for the largest room at Riverside for fear it might look half empty. My sister was one of the top legal placement professionals in the country. I got her into the business, which while not for me, gave her the opportunity to call on hundreds of young attorneys who were trying to build careers. She made a huge difference in their lives and also helped the firms she placed them into.  Before being in the placement business she worked for not for profits in South Carolina where she lived when she was married to a fellow who became a professor there.  Susie was always helping people.  However, many of these attorney’s and many of her friends from college, South Carolina, etc were far from New York City and I didn’t expect them to come the distance to be at her service.

I took the second largest space at the chapel for our service, figuring that the largest would be suitable for a mayor or governor or major TV Producer.  Guess what? I had to take a second room and broadcast the service to people in it. People came from all over the country – in 24 hours!  I’d say her fifty-one years were as valuable as another’s ninety-eight years might be.

This all said, I think we all contribute in on way or another. Jesus, the son of Joseph and Mary didn’t live all that many years and he was one of, if not THE greatest contributors.  Henry V was supposedly 35 when he died. According to William Shakespeare he was pretty terrific!

You can feel good about the lives of everyone you loved. They all have value as do you.

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