My Brain Channeled A Visual Image Of My Connection To Creation. When I Think Of That Image I Feel Calm & Safe

I love words, yet I find that visual images often help me zing into the understanding of certain concepts.  I stop “thinking” so much and the concepts seem to be part of me. It’s hard to believe it’s taken me sixty to seventy years to finally “get” this. Even now, if I don’t remember to think of this I can slip back. If you’ve read a few of my posts you know that I’m concerned with language because a word can be used in different ways by people who speak the same language and this can lead to misunderstandings. I’m also concerned with unlearning past teachings which were less than helpful, although usually taught by people who meant well.

If you read my April 17, 2011 Blog Post you’ll see that I was helped by visualizing my body as a Universe.  The organs were galaxies, etc., etc. While on a retreat with the Norwalk Unity group this summer, my brain seemed to channel a visual image that clearly placed me in the flow of energy that I saw flowing through everything. The energy was trillions of minutely skinny threads of vibration that all emanated from a central vibration somewhere. I could see “creation” as being the birth of an energy stream that flowed through thousands and millions of universes.  Into each universe there soared galaxies and solar systems and planets that had moons around them, etc. The same vibration flowed through every living thing and even through what we call non-living items. The energy whirled around everything and through everything and it came from the central small whirling spot.  Everything was engaged in the process of the development of the whole.

My brain immediately latched on to a human thought. That’s what my brain usually does. I thought, how beautiful this all looks. It’s creating something beautiful and wonderful and I’m part of it!  Everything was included in it and it everything was good.

Then I thought, “Why is it wonderful?” How do I know if it’s wonderful or terrible? Then I got the answer I needed to hear. Why wouldn’t it be wonderful?  Why would the central force that everything is part of have to think anything is less than wonderful. It has everything and anything that isn’t there yet can be created. This energy or vibration doesn’t need to be afraid that that something will take something from it because everything IS it.  When there’s no fear of losing something there’s no reason for it not to be wonderful!

Having taken very few science courses during my schooling, I don’t know exactly where this thought would then go. So far, it hasn’t gone anywhere.  As long as I bring up the visual that came up for me that afternoon on our walk – and I see the energy travelling in a thin path through everyone of trillions of different sized sphere’s and into my head and into everyone on Earth’s head and the creatures I couldn’t see on the other sphere’s heads – I feel calm, grateful and lovely.

I remember the colors of the planets and orbs as having a gold cast with lines around them that looked like the metals gold and platinum and I could almost hear the bzzzzzz of the vibration.  I felt so close to everything although I was well aware many of the spheres I saw were millions of miles away. The ones that were very far were tiny, yet I could tell they were beautiful.

I’m promising myself to take a moment everyday to allow my mind to travel back to that vision.  I’ll return there whenever I feel frightened or lacking or anything less that positive.

I’m so glad that I know you’ll be there with me!

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