When You Talk Through A Storm

This is a long post because I’m speaking of a major blessing that came to me during Sandy, which has been recorded as a major disaster. There are many people I know with whom, in recent years, I’ve been in contact with mainly via email or texting.

The felt the joy of speaking on the phone to people during Sandy’s stay. The internet was out of power far longer than my cell phone or, even, house phone was. The email and texting functions were unavailable on my smart phone. It made me remember the fun I used to have talking to my friends on the phone on a rainy day – on any day. I can hear my mom’s voice expressing how she had a great golf game.  I can hear the excitement in my dad’s voice as he told me he bought tickets for the family to see a Broadway show!  I used to love to talk to my grade school friend Judy about just about everything and my uncle Arnie, who taught at, New Utrecht, the Brooklyn high school I attended.  I went to New Utrecht because he taught there.  I was really in the Lafayette HS district. I adored my uncle Arnie, as did many of my friends.  I always learned something from him on our phone calls.  Arnie died at the age of 46, he had Juvenile Diabetes, which wasn’t curable when he contracted it.  Judy has also made her transition. However they are still with me through our times together in person and on the telephone.

There was, of course, also angst attached to the phone. Waiting for the guy who said he’d call to call or waiting for the casting agent to call to tell you you got the role you were praying to get could take give you reason to need to calm your nerves.

It’s rare for me to say “the good old days” were better than today. It’s all good and I see a lot of progress in many areas of human interaction.   Yet hearing someone’s voice moved my heart. It still moves my heart.

I guess when telephones first came out and became popular the older generation thought nostalgically of the days when they would just talk face to face rather than through telephone lines.   While I do love what I can do on a computer in terms of reaching several people, I can understand why they missed face to face communication. We’ve now stepped one step further away from the intimacy of being with a person.

I’m going to make an effort to keep the marvels of technology and, at the same time remember to call people I haven’t seen in a while and not wait until a national catastrophe to connect with them on a voice to voice basis.

I can still marvel at man’s modern creations and also connect with friends.  I’m marveling that the people who work in my building and workers at the companies that maintain my building were able to get our hall lights and the lights that adorn the trees outside my building working within two days after Sandy flooded our street and caused an explosion in our Con Edison plant that blackened our apartments (up to 40th Street and my building is on 36th Street) from the evening of Monday, October 29th until Sunday, November 4th. Our heat came back near the end of last week.

During the blackout I got to spend time with three groups of neighbors on my floor. Many were originally from India, one was from Italy and my across the hall neighbors are from Brazil. I’ve mentioned them before.

On Monday morning my Brazilian neighbors rang my door to check on me and the dear young husband and father of the family taped my windows so that I’d be safe if wind was over 130 miles per hour and cracked a window. (Our windows were designed to withstand up to 130 miles per hour.) On Monday night, while the waters were crashing along 36th Street from the East River to First Avenue, covering the cars on the street and looking as though they were going to turn us into an underwater community, I was privileged to have wine and cheese at my neighbor from India’s apartment. We sat around her lovely table and prayed.  On Tuesday morning my other next door neighbors knocked on my door to check on me and I ended up in their apartment having a snack. Then I went to spend a night with a woman who takes care of the world. She had been a successful lawyer with Time Warner and now studies art and helps all her friends. A glorious gentleman I recently met, who is an actor who also works for Delta Airlines picked my up at the friends home and saw to it I got home safely and then spent the afternoon with me.  The moment he left my precious college roommate called my from Cincinnati to see how I was and did the disaster hurt me. Another wonderful friend invited me to her house for Wednesday night. I love her and I’m grateful she asked, however I felt safe enough with candles lit to stay home and write this blog post.

I’m blessed to be able to enjoy such warm, rich, human communication.  I know that it’s there for me and I don’t have to wait for a disaster to enjoy it. I shall use my telephone more often. I’ll even be able to use my land line because the electricity has been restored.

I pray for all of those who lost people they love or their homes or belongings due to, what some press members have referred to as Sidney Frankenstorm!

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  1. This is the warmest, most personal blog, I have ever read. I love you Bobbie Horowitz. I’m so glad you’re safe

  2. That is all lovely in the midst of a disaster. I love talking on the phone and do not like that most people won’t even return calls, and just e-mail or text. I love being in person with someone and see their smile! Glad you had a lot of wonderful healing exchanges thru the storm! And God is not in the storm.

      Enjoy/In Joy,

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