Now – When I Worry About Money I’ll Think of Pharoah!

An odd thought came to me.  During my morning meditation, I was seeing the need to change my priorities in terms of accomplishing certain goals. Recently, I’d been thinking I needed to make earning money a major priority. There, I said it!  I wasn’t brought up to think of things like that. That would, thankfully, not be my job. However, I’d been thinking that I now may need to put the goal of making money not only my top goal but, also, make it my top consideration for each goal. I always wanted to accomplish great things – but money wasn’t at the core of them in my heart. While I was going over thoughts that would lead me to earn money another thought popped into my mind– a thought I never suspected would!  For some reason I envisioned Pharaoh sitting on his throne in Ancient Egypt!

As many Americans, I saw my money holdings drop in value after Election Day and my heart dropped. Oh my, I thought I finally had to have goals other pre-teen girls were allowed to have in Bensonhurst, in the early 1950s.  I’d wanted to get an after school job at the woman’s dress shop on 86th Street. They had a sign in the window saying they were looking for a female part time sales person. When I went in to talk with them, they said it was fine to be a student.  My dad was upset when I told him about it. How would it look for him to have a daughter that had to work as a salesgirl!  It would make him look bad.  So my goals shifted to being successful for accomplishing things aside from the money those accomplishments would bring in.

I have to say that I accomplished many things that I’m proud of. I also made some money, through wise choices, in spite of feeling a bit guilty to ever have that as a goal. It seemed to come to me naturally. This I’m certain, is why I allowed myself to make a bad hire that lessened my holdings. I still certainly wasn’t on the street.  The recession that came in 2008 was a blow and just this month the election resulted in great losses to many. While I’m still not on the street, I have seen some loss.  I’m thankful to have a very thoughtful money manager, who tells me to hold tight; that it will return.

One morning this week, as I did my morning meditation, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking that I’d better change my priorities and consider the financial rewards I’d get from each, when deciding on my goals for the rest of the year. In the past I’ve allowed myself to let the money making take second place.

I’m thankful that thinking of Pharaoh helped me reenter. If I’m truly working on and achieving a mission that brings more love into the world and it pays me then I’m in the right place.  The mission still needs to come first. What I need to do is put my attention on achieving the mission and asking for my due compensation for doing that. Naturally, one needs compensation if they’re to eat, get health care and clothing and attend events for things they care about.

I did discover that in the past I may have placed getting recognition in too high a place on my needs list. I’ve learned that it’s not about getting wide recognition. It’s about seeing the happy face on the person you’ve helped or even just knowing you helped. When I think of that and fair compensation, the money comes in.

I’m now intuiting that Pharaoh and Hitler (in the past) and the leaders of the groups who are sending out destructive missiles these days are really frightened that other people are going to end up with the riches that are theirs.  Today, the groups who are sending out the missiles have actually lost riches from oil as a result of their getting scared and attacking a supposed threat to them. I recently read an article in Bloomberg Business Week stating: “It’s been about a month since the full extent of the West’s oil sanctions against Iran went into effect. And so far, they seem to be working better than expected. Iran’s oil exports have fallen by about 1.4 million barrels per day, which “substantially exceeds” an earlier estimate of 900,000 barrels, according to an Aug. 9 report by Goldman Sachs energy analyst David Greely.”

In my humble opinion I believe that if the groups worked to use the talents of others living in their area, their standard of life would rise. I think it would work just the opposite from the way it ‘s going.

Pharaoh was worried that the Jewish immigrants in Egypt were getting too much control of business (what business was then) and had to make them slaves.  That’s all about fear.  I saw the FABULOUS movie “Lincoln” last night and realized that this countries slavery was also about fear “they” would get too much. I can just imagine how farm and other businesses would have grown if the owners of the land and other businesses would have hired the people they feared for a fair wage. In the USA it may have meant first providing education to those black immigrants that didn’t receive it as children. That education would have been well worth it for everyone.

We all need to work with others and do our part to help the design of the system work best for everyone.

I coach others to develop their system for achieving their goals re health and getting YES answers – and – I needed to take even more time than I already do to rest my mind so I could pinpoint any fearful thoughts I needed to unlearn that may be getting in the way of my deciding which choices I can make will be WISE CHOICES and which will be based the FEAR of not having enough.

The minute I went inside myself and began listing all the fearful thoughts I had about organizing my workday – thoughts based on fear due to things I was wrongly told about myself when I was young – the phone rang! I’m not making this up! One of my present concerns was handled on the spot!

Had Pharaoh truly listened to Joseph’s wise advice after wisely calling Joseph in to interpret his dream, he could have chosen wisely and gathered surpluses that were harvested during the seven years of abundance that Joseph predicted.  Then he would have benefitted his people and himself during the seven years of famine, which followed. He would have looked wise and his country would have had enough – AND – my family may have still been living in a bountiful and magnificent Egypt when I was born. However, Pharaoh stopped going for the wise choice in order to get the accolades of being the head of the wealthy and agriculturally endowed, nation of Egypt when the crops were bountiful. I always loved the late Yul Brynner and now I can thank the original Pharaoh. Thank you Pharaoh! I learned from you.

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Free Entertainment Tip

I’m putting up the December entertainment Tip on a bit early for the Holiday month!
I feel compelled to list these events here now!

A few holiday events  I’m involved with – or close friends are involved with. I’ll add more as the month progresses.

  • A benefit for Zani’s Furry Friends, hosted by Dana Lorge and Sidney Meyer is tonight 12/24 at 7-9PM & Cabaret Cares-Equity Fights Aids, presenting The Lovely Ladies of Cabaret, takes place tomorrow night 12/25 at 9:30PM. Both are at The Laurie Beechman Theater 407 W. 42nd St., New York, NY, 10036 (212) 868-4444.
  • I’ll be hosting a Cabaret Christmas Matinee Open Mic for very well known performers (some are already scheduled to appear) and beginners at The Unity Center of NY, 213 West 58th Street on Saturday Dec. 15th from 2-4PM. There’s a suggested “love offering” of $15. Do come and bring music if you’d like to sing a song. Pianist Bill Zeffiro is adept at reading what you bring.
  • Do not miss “The Nutcracker Rated R” at Le Poisson Rouge on December 20, 21, 27 & 28, 2011. This is it’s 7th season. It offers college age viewers a powerful reason to never try cocaine. It is heartwarming. The Times has given it great reviews in past seasons. This is the 7th year this show is playing at Christmas time. Okay – my son is in it.  He also co-produced it and worked on the book based on the original “Nutcracker”- but – ask people who’ve see it or read the reviews on the site at:
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