As Promised: My “Goat Getters!”

Whew – I’m feeling calmer just by writing this down!

I’m giving myself this chance to vent in public as a holiday gift to myself.  Those of you who’ve had experiences with these two topics probably know why I get so riled up about them. If you read my previous post you’ll see that I recently discovered that getting riled at them, actually, relaxes my system! I promised to list a couple of my “goat getters” in this post.

I should explain that a social mishap such as the Newton shooting and a mishap of nature, such as people suffering from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, get my heart. These don’t relax me. I do trust that the spirit in the world will heal these sad happenings and they do sadden me greatly.  The things that cause me to get angry (and relax me at the same time!) when I rant and rave about them are things – that I now realize – merely  “get my goat!” They’re about being annoyed with something. They’re not about people getting physically hurt.

For example, one teenage “Goat Getter” I had was hearing the sad news that the Brooklyn Dodgers were going to leave Brooklyn. I knew they needed a larger stadium and New York, the city I love, wouldn’t come up with the money to enlarge Ebbets Field or build my Dodgers a new stadium.  I’d speak out about that anywhere I could! Every time I did speak out about it I could feel a huge smile come over my face and I’d feel my tummy relax. I loved ranting on behalf of the team. (I’ll admit, however, that I did and always will miss my Brooklyn Dodgers!!)

I now realize that I felt like I was “cookin’” when I yelled about my beloved Brooklyn Dodgers and got angry at Yankee fans. It was a giggle for me underneath it all and it did relax me in a weird way.

By the time I was in my 60s I was still sad about “Dem Bums” leaving, but I’d forgotten about this feeling relief I go when I stood up for their remaining at Ebbets Field – of course, a larger Ebbets Field! In my 40s I was friendly with a couple of the Yankee players when the team joined with The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of which I was then Manhattan Director, when we gave the “Farewell Dinner to Bowie Kuhn.” One night, when we were having dinner together, I remember telling Don Baylor – who was then a free agent with the Yankees  – and his wonderful lady that I loved them; but couldn’t fully root for the Yankees because I was a kid from Brooklyn. We all had a good laugh.

In the past two years two things have and continue to truly “get my goat”!  I recently realized that I love spewing forth about the trouble they cause me and I get that same old feeling of “Go Girl! You tell ‘em!”.  As I fight for what I care about the release that goes with that (at least it does for me) starts coming up for me.

One issue that’s been driving me crazy is the changes the MTA made about two and a half years ago to our New York City bus system. The MTA, I found out, when I called the city to see why these time consuming and thoughtless changes were made, isn’t even a New York City company!!!!!  Hello!!!!!   I can be peaceful in the morning and then as soon as I need to take a bus to get somewhere, I’m ready to curse to the heavens – and – I do!!! Little girl Bobbie never had this issue, so past experiences haven’t caused the anger – nor do past miss-teachings keep me from expressing my anger, as I feel it now.  I don’t hate the people I’m angry at. I realize the designers weren’t New York City bus users. “Forgive them father, they know not what they did. The changes may all look good on paper – but – when you have to actually use the system it’s another story. I don’t actually suffer as much as people who need canes to walk with or who can’t walk distances or move quickly have to put up with. The MTA seemed to have not understood that 42nd Street is a major New York cross-town street. It’s the heart of Times Square and also is home to Grand Central Station! The #104 bus no longer turns east to the UN when it gets to 42nd Street and Broadway.  It used to travel from I’ve spoken to over 200 people who I meet travelling east on the #42 Bus and ask them if they miss the #104. Do they ever!  Now an elderly person would be reluctant to buy a ticket for a show or concert at Lincoln Center because having to change buses and wait a long time on Times Square late at night can be very difficult for them.   The people I speak to who work for the MTA are, for the most part, lovely. They agree that the person responsible for designing the changes doesn’t use the system! I could give situations on the system as examples, like the Select Bus ticket machines breaking down etc, etc.   I actually spoke before the Board of the MTA a little over a year ago.

I can say that the MTA tops my goat getters. It does give me a sense of joy to call them, which I often do, and try to get through to an agent or leave a message on their ridiculous automated phone system. I know that joy is a bit nasty – but who said I have to be an angel all the time?

Wow! It felt great to let that out!

The other issue that gets my goat, though not to such a great degree, is how confusing health insurance choices can be! It almost appears to me as though the insurance companies are trying to hide something from me by confusing me! I graduated top of my class from the wonderful Industrial and Labor Relations School at Cornell. In one course I took, we studied health plans because they were an item Management and Labor would need to agree upon. So, I’m not a person who’s never seen health insurance brochures before.  The Medicare Supplement pamphlets are “beyond!” – as we would say. I changed my supplement choice again this year. I must say that I am thankful for AARP.  I’ve used their plans for Medicare since I became of age. At least, AARP does try to help one understand the gobbledy- gook.

Thank you so much for letting me vent! I’ll sleep well tonight!

I may be the only one who gets more serene from speaking out about things that anger me. If you have an analyst, I’d suggest you ask them about it before going on a rampage. I do know that this has been a great find for me!

I wish you a peaceful and exciting and joyous holiday!

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