If You Remain Open – Even “Goat Getters” Can Lead To FUN!

In my last post I talked about my discovery of finding I get peace by mouthing off about things that get me nuts. Of course, the things I spoke of aren’t those that truly invade my heart, but they are annoying.

Well – This week I discovered something that seems even more extraordinary to me.  The spiritual writers I’ve been reading in the past couple of years know from whence they speak.

When I’d get nervous, as a kid, I could hear my mom saying “Relax Archie” (form the radio show Archie Andrews). I wanted everything to be happy and fun as I assume most kids do. I know I can get nervous when things seem to be standing in my way.  Do you ever get that feeling?

The “New Thought” spiritualists almost always see life as being in divine order – if we just let it be. I was about to differ with them, even after engaging in lots of spiritual study for some years, when the MTA made major bus changes in Manhattan. I became my childlike self and was thinking that “life” wasn’t going to let me win no matter what those spiritual gurus said!!

I now see that these thoughts came from the way I was interpreting “life”. I kept reading my Course in Miracles Lessons and I still wasn’t finding relief re traveling – which had turned from fun to distress.

Then on Thursday evening, if you can believe this – not that long after having written the “Get My Goat” post – my senior “Easy Pass” showed up as invalid on one of the Select Bus machines! Yikes!!! I called the MTA (always a long and tedious call) and was told I had to come to their office and there was only one open in Manhattan now. It was on Stone Street at the southern tip of the Island. I had a ‘schlepp” and a half in store for me!

On Friday I was determined to handle the situation. I cancelled my eye doctor appointment, saying that I needed to go to the MTA office. Luckily I always buy an extra regular priced “Metro Card” so that tourists who don’t know about the card system can get on the bus without first getting quarters from a bank. As I got into the subway, something prompted me to try my Easy Pay card to see if it would work. It worked! So – I went to the doctor and when I left I thought it would be a good idea to try it again in the Select Bus vending machine on my way home.   It worked! Then I thought, “Let me try it again on the downtown machine just in case. Aha! It failed again.  So, I figured I’d better make the trip to the bottom of the island and handle the matter.

Now – I’m finally getting into the message of this post.

I used my “tourists” Metro Card and got on the bus. I was on the beginning of the Lower East side. Within seconds I was like a two year old bouncing up and down in my seat!! I couldn’t stop smiling. I’d forgotten how beautiful the Lower East Side had become and how beautiful the whole trip down to the tip of Manhattan had become. It was beyond gorgeous! The sun glimmered on the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and the river was so bright it just about reflected into the windows of the buildings near it, both in Manhattan and in Brooklyn – even though the windows were also shining in the sunlight. Usually the sun would cancel out the reflections –  but not that day! I’d forgotten that so many people lived in this area. Then when we got to the islands tip the Narrows shown in the sunlight. It was as windy as I’d ever experienced and I LOVED every gust. I realized I’m much warmer and healthier than I was in my youth and I was like a kid playing in the wind and charging ahead against it.

I got my temporary bus pass and was told to go to the subway on Bowling Green to fill it. I went down into the subway, filled the card and realized that even though it would be a much quicker trip home by subway  – I was going to gift myself the time to take the bus back and feast on the beauty of Lower Manhattan. I met the most interesting people on the bus home and, I must say, January 4th 2013 will stand out in my memory as one of the FUNNEST days of my life!

All because of a “goat getting mishap”!

Life is good  – if I just let it be.



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  1. This “goat getting mishap” was one of your very best blogs. Glad Jan. 4, 2013 was such a fun day for you, Bobbie.

  2. What a great story Bobbi. Life lived spontaneously and with heart and eyes wide open keeps us in our childlike state of wonder… Thanks for sharing.

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