“Are You Ready For Yet Another “Goat Getter” Surprise?”

I wasn’t going to write about “Goat Getters” for this blog. I was quite sure I was going to get to either the research I’ve been doing on the spiritual issues I’d brought up in the past, like all religions really being the same at the core – or – things I’ve discovered that I’ll include in, “Dating for Seniors” the book I’m finishing up – or – the new re-titled second edition of my first book, “Find Your mini-Qs(?): Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond” that I’ll soon be writing….but – would you believe another wonderful thing occurred that, believe it or not relates to the MTA?

This won’t be a long post. I feel compelled to write about something I experienced last week that gave me a major tickle. I’ve been ranting about the changes in MTA NYC bus route and system changes that have occurred in the past two years and in the past two weeks I’ve had two wonderful experiences regarding the MTA. I wrote about the first in my last Blog Post.

One evening last week I was in a great hurry to get to a presentation at a theater. I chose to take the route that required me to go across town to Times Square and then walk up about eight blocks to The Snapple Theatre. I take the Cross Town Bus at the beginning of the line on the East Side. I was a bit worried about the time. I felt the universe was with me when a bus pulled up rather quickly. Then I saw who the driver was. There is a New York City bus driver who should have a TV spot. I’m going to mention his name and plug him because he lives to give people a good time. His name is Vinnie and I know him for some years now. I don’t see him that often, but when I do my heart lights up. He jokes with the riders for the whole ride. The city lets him get away with that because he’s a good driver and the public loves him. He’ll be retiring this year after 25 years of driving an MTA bus.

What I got from being on his bus so soon after my fun experience going to the MTA office is that the Universe just wants me to forgive my “Goat Getters” so I can go on with my life and not waste time on anger (even though this anger brings me peace be letting me let off steam). Forging these things brings more than peace. It fills me with joy!

Okay  – I thought I’d gotten the whole major message the Universe had for me. What more could I need?

Then – last week, a couple of days after my bus ride with Vinnie, I went to an annual event that my college presents. I’ve loved this event since I began going to it.  The School of Industrial & Labor Relations at Cornell University has a New York extension office on 34th Street.  Each year all the alumni in the environs are invited to the office for wine and hors d’oeuvres and a chance to chat with present day I&LR students and recent grads. I always find this gathering joyful and I love meeting the new students.

Near the end of our time together I saw two lovely gentlemen who look like lovely and gracious young businessmen talking joyfully with a few of the present day students. The students were lapping up everything these alums were saying about keeping harmony at work and about enjoying yourself in the workplace. There were big smiles on all the faces in the group. When the conversation stopped for a moment I said “Hi” and introduced myself. I’m usually THE most senior person at the event and I believe I was at this one. The two alumni couldn’t have been more gracious and brought me into the conversation.  I’m very comfortable communicating with groups of people; but they made extra certain that I felt included and at home with them. I asked them what they were doing with our lives since they’ve been out of school and that appeared to be very happy people. They said they were happy and enjoyed their work and … GUESS WHERE THEY SAID THEY WORKED?

You got it! They work at the MTA  – and  – at the office on Stone Street!  That was the office I travelled to get my temporary Easy Pay Senior card. I wrote about my surprise at the joyful trip to that part of Manhattan Island.

It’s taken me this many years to learn that mishaps have  “happy haps” attached to them. I started to think that it might be great t work for the MTA and let them know where bus travelers are having difficulties so they can clear up the problems and have happy riders. The MTA deserves that. They really do have nice employees.

Can you believe I’m saying this! I bet I can now heal my heart re any relationship I’ve felt would hurt me. The other person probably had no intention of hurting me.

As the Monty Python crew would sing: Always Look On the Bright Side of Life!”


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