“Do You find Different Rhythms Serve You In Reaching Different Goals?”

Lately, I’m finding that concepts I’ve never thought of before seem to be entering my mind as though by the vibrations of the Universe. I haven’t been looking for these concepts. They just appear in my brain. Maybe, that’s what happens when you get old enough to realize everything is there already anyway. It’s just a matter of earthlings finding things that exist.  I take that back. I feel different things develop at different times as is needed (in this case for the Earth) so that the Earth develops-  and  I have to remember that what we’ve named Earth is just one tiny creation in the whole.

At any rate, I was walking my minimum of thirty blocks the other day (I call these daily or weekly, etc. to do’s my mini-Qs) and I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before.  I suddenly got very focused in terms what my work pattern needed to be that day – in terms of the “earning money” aspect of my work. I made those calls and I planned my next steps and go a lot of work done. I booked a Reiki client and then two more. I seemed to have more “concentrated energy” and found is easier to ask for payment. I realized that, throughout that day, I was walking in staunch 2/4 time – very “Left, Right, Left, Right.  I rarely use that rhythm. It’s a real military like rhythm. We used to kid around in camp and march to:

“I Left, Left, Left my wife and forty eight kids (then) Right, Right, Right in the middle of the kitchen floor!”

It was shortly after the end of WWII and military movies, etc. were still very popular. My mind went to who must I call to get booked at? Wow many contacts must I reach to market the unity Valentine’s Cabaret Matinee? I got a lot of “clerical and marketing work done. I didn’t seem to be fearful of asking people to pay me. A hollow stomach is a sensation that comes for me when I ask for pay. It comes from “meant well but silly” teachings I got when I was a kid. Drechsler’s Granddaughter should have to ask for money! Anyway I booked a client, got many ‘yes” they’ll be attending my shows messages and a speaking engagement that day.

When I went to take the same walk the next day in my Health Club, something led me to remember that I can walk more a quickly and effortlessly when I glide by in ¾ Time. I walk forward with a waltz rhythm. My mind immediately went to writing the song I had planned to write. I wanted to get another song done soon. I felt I’d been busy teaching, marketing and singing my songs around town and – neglecting my songwriting and people will want to hear new stuff!  For some reason the waltz rhythm led me to creative pursuits.

On my next afternoon roof go around (when the weather makes it more difficult to take long walks outside, I so ten blocks on the room track in the morning and another ten late in the day. That adds up to about a mile and a half or more. I thought of jazz rhythms and kind of bounced around the track – jus tot see what would happen, Bda Bump – Bda Bump – Bda Bump Ba!  Wow! That starting me thinking about errands I needed to accomplish that day.  Errands, like getting cash from the bank, finding out where the best place would be to get me prescription for the anti-fungus toe gel with the new insurance plan I have this year. (It’s the only pharmaceutical I use – and can’t wait to stop. I’ve been using it for years because of having a pedicure in a less than worthy nail salon in Arizona about ten years ago!)

For the past two weeks I’ve been using the beats as I walk on purpose to match the tasks I needed to do at that time. It’s been working.  I’ll let you know more when I have some tangible results for major goals.



I realize it’s been some time since I said I’d be researching the Muslim religion to see how it, too is the same as the teachings of Abraham, David, Moses, etc and Jesus and St. Theresa, etc. etc.

I’d love your help and I thank you in advance for it.

If you or anyone you know has a good book or course of study (in English) that would give me a handle on the teachings on Islam by Mohammed and previous teachings based on the promise, as the story goes, “God says to Hagar, “Arise and lift up the lad for I shall make of him a great nation.” If you remember Hagar was Abraham’s concubine and Ishmael was their song. Rebecca was nervous about the inheritance for her son Isaac and had Hager and her boy cast out.  AND – I see it as the boys being “landsmen”. I see the whole “Jewish/Arab fight – as being sibling rivalry.  And – I see Jesus as a teacher who was striving to get back to the basics of Judaism. Please let me know if you have any sources for me to use. You can leave a comment on this site or email me at bh@bobbiehorowitz.com.




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