“How Do We Decide Which Services Command a Higher Price?”

Before I begin this post I want to explain that it’s not about three “religions” being the same because I still haven’t found the copy of the Koran in English that I’m looking for. I did think  of someone else I can ask about this and I shall do that this week.

Last week I wrote a short comment for the linked In All Ivy Business Network I belong to. I’d like to expand on it for you.  It’s another of the things that my mind has opened up to since I’m, what they call, “older”, which is just the time I began writing this blog. I now realize that all ages have their challenges and their benefits.  I’ve learned that if we can unlearn what we’ve been taught about aging we’d “get” that all ages are wonderful.  I find that with having lived longer I dare let myself think about things as I did in college. I’m allowing my mind to put “what is” aside and think about whether or not “what is” is the best “is” we could have.

I’ve just recently begun to ponder why some services people provide for us are given more monetary value than others.  The “modern” business plan began in the 17th and 18th Centuries. During the Middle Ages the Christian ethic led business and the concept was ‘just price”. I still wonder what “just price” meant then – or could mean now – in terms of paying people who are in completely different lines of work.

Why would top executives in investment companies make more money per year than top high school principals – or, for that matter, excellent teachers, whose students go on to have happy lives and may appreciate the arts or help people get well or figure out how to bring more prosperity to the planet. I’ve also asked myself if “monetary wealth” really equals “prosperity”. I know that defining words and concepts is always open to interpretation.

I must admit that I’m fascinated with myself for thinking about these subjects. Although I was a Labor Relations major, I don’t really think of myself as being in the area of thinking about peoples pay. I’m more centered in the ways in which people inspire me and in ways I can inspire people through the songs I write and shows I want to get involved with. I also want to inspire through the books I write which are about enjoying your age, whatever it may be, and through my coaching people to design their own path to rejuvenation.

One issue that’s been swimming around in my mind is why a person caring for the children of a family in which both parents work should make so much less than a person who spends their time watching over the investment(s) in that family’s financial holdings.  While we’ve invented money as a way to barter things –  so that the person who wants a shirt doesn’t have to carry around a pig he’s/she’s nurtured while they’re  looking for a person who makes shirts who would like own a pig and would trade a shirt for the pig – it seems to me that money has become an object in itself.  I wrote a blog post on July 13, 2011 discussing whether or not people would work as hard if there were no such thing as money payments.

We do have a money system, for now at least. I still question why people who can get you money are paid more than people who provide you with services you need.  I looked up the salaries of psychologists. New York is included in the five highest paying states. The upper 10% of psychologists, in a large study, earned more than $60 per hour. However, how many attorneys who will work with you to get you money you may feel you deserve will work for under $100 or much more per hour? Are you not getting equally important help from the psychologist? I’m in no way trying to down the value of attorneys. I’m talking about the differences in value our society gives them.

I’m  perplexed about the pay given to child-care workers. I just read that nation-wide, with New York being part of the highest paying group, a full time “live out” nanny can make as much as $20/hour or even more. Am I supposed to be in awe of the fact that they’re earning as much as twenty dollars an hour?  They’re spending the day with the most important person in a parent’s life!

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