Might “New Thought” Be “Original Thought” Rediscovered?

First, Please pardon me for being a week later than usual in posting this blog. The more I find my spiritual center and admit to myself that  “I’m okay” has led the world to send me wonderful opportunities – that I didn’t beg for or, even ask for – that required my concentration.

I’ve been working on this for over a decade and I’m beginning to see the results that come from digging yourself out from under all those often well-meant, unhelpful teachings. I wasn’t doing anything different to get the offers. I think it had to do with the “who” I was being, as I went through my daily activities and dealt with people. I was being me. We hear it a million times. However, to truly be YOU takes some digging out from and unraveling long used less than useful habits.

I think the process spiritual thought has been gong through has been wonderful!  It’s getting back to realizing that creation was “good” and that every being is good and has value to the planet and to the totality of creation!  The more I study “New Thought” teachings the more I sense the link between “New Thought” and What Jesus was trying to get his Jewish brethren back to – which was “the basics” of living a good life.  I had lunch with  lovely Abigail Treu,  Rabbi of The Jewish Theological Seminary and I get that this teaching institution appreciates these underpinnings.  The basics of Judaism had the same elements “New Thought” has today.  Over time, The Jewish Temple had added beliefs and “must dos” on top of the faith’s original beliefs. The original basics were designed so people could live together, knowing they’d have enough to eat, that everyone was safe and all would be cared for. I believe there were groups before the Jews came about that had a similar concept of “spirit”.

We have some evidence that many, if not all, of the “beginning” groups had some ideas about creation and how it may have happened and of being taken care of by one or more spirits. I can understand how they might see these spirits as living outside themselves.

Many of the ideas have also had their meanings altered due to translations from their original tongues. I repeat, from the last post, that we know that as recently as Jesus’s teachings (and to me 2,000 years isn’t that, that long ago) the translations were far less than perfect. Jesus and his friends spoke Aramaic. The word “virgin” had nothing to do with sex. It meant young girl and “savior” was a mistranslation.  The Aramaic meant one who “heals” or “soothes”.

“Original Thought” seems to me to have had to work with spirit and know that everyone else is also spirit and that people were not what they called “sinful”.  Being “sinful” was really just identifying with one’s ego rather that with the reality that we’re all part of one thing.  That’s what “New Thought” is about for me. Spirit runs though everything. No one is bad. People might make less than productive choices when they allow the fear, that creeps into their EGO, FEAR that they’ll LOSE their POWER determine their choices. “New Thought” is reminding us that all is okay when we know we have Spirit’s GPS installed in us we follow it. It’s when we step in with our own misguided thoughts (thoughts  we were taught to have by usually well-meaning people who were also brought up with misguided teachings) that we go off course.

It seems to me that every group who’s function it is to take care of people gets into the stage of making rules that must be kept by those people in order to remain a member of the team. When the rules are based on the leaders keeping power they can become less than helpful. Extra rules seem to have creeped into any group I’ve studied, including coalitions of countries, religious groups, etc., etc.  They crept in when the leaders thought they needed to KEEP POWER and FEAR that they’d have to make rules so as not to LOSE POWER AND ATTENTION got made. What’s power anyway? Jesus had great power and he knew he didn’t need it or fight to have it.  Same goes for attention!

If everyone knew that – then no one would have felt the need to explode a bomb at The Boston Marathon this afternoon!

It seems to me that Spirit, the vibration that runs through everything, is all we really need. If everything is filled with Spirit – then, guess what? We’re okay!

I think humans started out knowing that (the Adam and Eve story, notwithstanding) and many are getting back to knowing that. New Thought is Original Thought.

Believe me, I’m just finding this out and I’m in my 70s. Suppose I’m totally wrong? I say – so what? If we act as if it’s so …life can get pretty wonderful. When everyone finds this out – and I believe that day will come when they do – then we “Earthlings” can really get movin!!!

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