“mini-Qs” Rear Their Happy Heads! – They’ll Help Me Complete What I’ve Been Called Upon To Do! It’s About Time!”

I’m thrilled that the “mini-Qs” I designed for myself  brought me to a point of greater health within a few years from the time I started and have kept me at that point of great health. It gets better every day. A highly reputed hairdresser who lives in my building asked me what kind of workouts I do.  He said I always look so fit. I do just a minimum amount of exercise every day.  As I explain in the book I wrote about this, creating a silly term can help, because many people have learned to dislike the idea of “routine” or “habit”. Habits are truly important to get stuff done. Aristotle said it long ago.

The next several posts will  be shorter. I’ll talk about working on my mini-Qs – in all areas of my life; not only physical fitness.  I hope they give you tips. I have worksheets in my book, “Find Your mini-Qs(?): Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond.” These worksheets help you design your path to your ideal fitness.

I’m writing the second edition of my book for two reasons:

  1. I have more things to recommend to people
  2. Most book sales are now done online.  People who want to get fit or lose weight don’t Google for mini-Qs.  They Google “lose weight”. Some people do need to gain weight. We don’t hear that much about that but the idea is to be YOUR optimum, even if that includes a few physical disabilities.

I may write books to help you use mini-Qs for other areas of life. “mini-Qs” do work. I’ve seen this happen.  You can see testimonials on my site http://www.bobbiehorowitz.com.  It’s great if you want to make up your own name for the process I call mini-Qs. The phrase made me laugh and works for me.  Things that make me laugh usually work best for me.

I’m so thankful that my Slim, Sexy, Six Week Seminars and the book I wrote because of the benefits the seminars were giving the participants, have helped people in terms of their health – and more.  By the way, what I talk about isn’t any major “secret”. I’ve written a previous post about using the term “secret”.  I feel that secrets are only secrets until they’re shared. My purpose is to share what I find – so I don’t call them “secrets”.

We did discuss more than weight loss (or gain when needed) and fitness in the seminars I held. mini-Qs can help in all areas of life. (Shhhhhhh…they’re really “habits” (that dirty word).

I realize that sometimes I need to practice what I’m preaching. I’ve now committed to designing my own mini-Qs for deciding what must be completed – what things I must bring to Earth before I say good-bye to it for this visit and to design my mini-Qs for bringing them forth.

First I’ll list the order of importance of the projects I’ve begun or contemplated beginning.  Two or, even, three things may be equally important. I’m a Gemini so I understand that I’ll often be working on two different things. It’s a lot; but I know that I’ve been called upon to complete these.  It’s taken me decades to finally “get” that I wouldn’t feel as though I’ve been called upon to take on these tasks if I couldn’t do them.

In my last post I talked about our minds really being our GPS system. We get taught useless and less than helpful thoughts – often by well meaning people – and holding these thoughts is like adding the wrong directions to a GPS system. I’m finally learning to work on leaving my GPS system alone and letting my inner connection to the vibration of the universe(s) or what many call “Spirit” tell me where to go and what to do next.  As nutsy as it sounds, this type of thinking takes me right back to sitting on my bed and looking out the window in our Bensonhurst, Brooklyn apartment when I was a kid. I wanted so to please my parents – but often I found myself trying to get directions from the sky. This often did help me. Would that I hadn’t more often given in to listening to outside, well meaning but wrong, directions. The good part is, I’m finally learning not to beat myself up for accepting these false directions. I realize now that most kids we’re taught to do that.

For starters: I’m going to use daily mini-Qs to keep ridding myself of each false thought I’d learned to think. I’m going to find one new false thought I have each day – and concentrate on noticing when that thought might come up for me. If the same thought comes up on different days it can count as the thought for each of the days it comes up – unless I catch myself not looking for other false thoughts as days pass. I don’t have to make myself wrong for having the thought. By noticing it I can say to myself, “Oh right. That old thought!” Then, as David Friedman points out in his “Thought Exchange” I can allow the body sensations, like a clenched stomach, etc., that come up for me when I exchange the wrong thought for, “Yep. I can do that!” to just remain there.

Within a month I want to feel ready to design my mini-Qs for the different projects I intend to complete, promote and succeed with. It’s about time!

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