“I Discovered That Anger Equals Fear” – period, end of sentence!

I’ll be writing shorter posts after this one. I’ll take the blog back to it’s original purpose: to coaching you to truly LOVE YOURSELF and find joyful small steps that you can take daily to rejuvenate your body and spirit and keep yourself as fit as you can be and create what you’ve dreamed of creating – great products, glorious businesses that serve people, great artworks, great musicals (!), etc. etc. etc. – i.e. to Reveal the Star You Truly Are.

Remember – your optimum and someone else’s optimum may not be exactly the same. Know that whatever your optimum is – is beautiful and wonderful and you can attain and maintain it.

Okay – why can I go back to my original purpose?

I’ve found the solution to war. We can have peace. I know I sound like a madman. I would have thought so to about a month ago. I’m daring to print this because I know deep down that it’s true.

People declare war because they’re frightened. They get angry because they’re frightened. A wonderful late friend of mine used to say “period, end of sentence!” after she said anything she thought was a truth, hence the title of this post.

National leaders need to instill fear in their populations if they want to get them to go to war to “preserve their county’s rights, wellbeing, safety, etc., etc, etc, etc.” must go to war with the other nation(s) in question. The people need to feel that they’ll lose something more important than their lives, if they don’t get into the fight.  They need to get “angry” with the “other guy”. The leaders are actually afraid that he/she/them aren’t quite strong enough,

I’ve also just discovered that – are you sitting down? – when I’m angry at someone for anything, it’s because I’m afraid of them and what they are doing at that given moment. If I realize FEAR isn’t a true thing – then I don’t have to get angry and I can make the wise choices I need to make to get what I want – while not hurting the other guy.

I was a Labor Relations major and I now see how fear operates in the negotiating arena.

I can see that given the way many (most) humans perceive the world at this point of it’s development and of human development – this could seem to make sense and be right. After all one can’t allow someone else to physically or mentally attack him/her.  However, in one of my early posts I mentioned that I suddenly saw the development of the Solar System and humanity as something in development. I saw a huge propane lighter ignite.  As the flame went higher it got wider and wider and the color got lighter it developed from a tiny poof to a large umbrella of flame.

The people living at any point on the expanding flame were under the false perception that “creation” had happened. It was done – they were living in a world that was set.  I wrote about this concept in 2010.

I now also understand the “why” in the post “Why Do We Turn Things That Simply Need To Get Done Into “Fights”? I wrote that post in 2011. I now get that, at this point of our development, we think we need to “Fight” for it because were afraid.

We’re at a point where most people still believe that FEAR is a truly necessary “feeling” to keep us from harm. I’m finally learning that FEAR is caused by a false thought in our head.  ”False?  Fear isn’t real?” Doesn’t it keep us from getting hit by a moving truck?  I used to think it helped us.

Okay – It’s taken me over 70 years to “get” this, but I’m grateful I’ve gotten it. I now realize we were born with a GPS system that we call our brain. If we allow that GPS system to take in the true information the universal vibration is sending us, we’ll step away from the path of a moving truck and we’ll step awy from it in the safest possible direction. If we allow FEAR – something WE created (granted because we were taught we were supposed to fear) to override what that natural vibration of the universe (Spirit – if you will) is sending us, we might dodge the truck and fall over an incline or some other hazard- in doing so.

By getting that the universal vibration of creation (some call it Spirit, some call it God) runs through everything, we can see that if we quiet down and relax so we can “get” the information it’s giving us – i.e. vibrating through our brain  – we can choose much wiser decisions and actions to take than we can when we add FEAR into the equation. I realize this way of thinking this takes some getting used to for most people.

When leaders of nations realize they don’t have to be afraid of someone else having more power or more food or more love than they do  they’ll be able to work things out with leaders of other nations so that we all win.

FEAR is the one reason we fight. When we can realize that Fear just is not a true thing – this universe will start to really develop the way it was originally intended to.

Wow! If I can appeal to you to move in that direction of thinking – even if I just move just a few people or one person then I can leave this universe happily.

Now, of course, I need to design my own “mini-Qs” to keep on track knowing this truth. It’s easy to allow my ego to suck me in through old thoughts I was taught by loving parents and teachers and TV shows, etc. etc. etc. when I was a child. I promise you that I’ll stick to a path of working on ridding myself of fear.

(if you’ve read my book, “Find Your mini-Qs(?): Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond.” you’ll know what I mean by mini-Qs. You can check it out on http://www.bobbiehorowitz.com)

When leaders of countries get this – Wow! I may not see it during this life on earth – but the Spirit Me will surely be cheering! I’d love you to join me in this goal of seeing FEAR be labeled what it is: a false thought.

I never thought I’d be committing myself to this path!

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