“The Way You Describe Your Body Can Help You Have Your Optimum Body” + “New Finding Re a Goat Getter!”

Here’s a free peek at one of the additions to my original book, “Find Your mini-Qs(?): Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond” – that will be included in the second edition which will be called something like:

Be Slim, Strong & Sexy At Any Age!
Design Your Simple Daily To Do’s – i.e. mini-Qs
To Lose Weight or Gain Weiight & Be Fit

Are you aware of the words you choose to use when you describe your body and your looks and even who you are?

I’m finding that phrasing and the words we use to make a big difference when it comes to our achieving the results we want.  I know it’s worked that way for me and I see it work that way for many others too.

Which wording do you think would be least likely to lead you to retain unwanted weight you’ve just added to your body and make it easier for you to you to get rid of that extra weight?

                I’m a horse!      I’m fat!      I’ve gained several pounds!

 Do you see the first two are using the “I Am” form? Were you to say I feel like I’m getting to be a horse, you’d be using a different thought pattern. You can get rid of feelings and choose not to have them. They don’t identify who you are.  I understand that many of you may not realize they can choose their feelings and, believe me, I have to remind myself of this all the time – but I practice reminding myself and – I’ve been able to change my feelings when they’re not serving me – much more quickly than I used to. You can look at any feeling and say,  “This is really just a feeling and I can choose my feelings!”

I’ve gained several pounds is true at the moment you weigh yourself and your body weighs much more than it did a while ago. You’re putting the “have” in there. It’s something you have due to things you did. That’s different from saying it’s who you are. If you have done something you can get rid of it – change it by doing something else. You can’t change what you are!  It’s better to say, “I’ve gained ten pounds and I weigh 175 pounds” or even I weigh 175 pounds than I am 175 pounds. Do you see the difference?

This will hold true for an ideas like – “I’m Ugly!”  You “feel” like you’re ugly but who decided that’s who you are? If someone calls you ugly, that’s that person’s perception. It’s not the truth.

The Goat – Getter

Sometimes things we think are an “oh no!” turn out to be wonderful experiences for us. Such was an experience I had this morning travelling to Unity services. I sensed that it wouldn’t be an ordinary trip since it was the day o the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. Please know that I love the parade – it’s what happens to traffic that’s the challenge.

Okay – it’s the MTA again. And – it tuned out to be a lovely experience. The First Avenue bus seemed to be running late and I knew what I’d face at Fifth Avenue when I took the crosstown at 57th Street and needed to get across Fifth Avenue – so I bit my tongue and hailed a cab.

The driver turned out to be one of the sweetest young men you could hope to meet. He was originally from Pakistan and he had just gotten married. I told him laughingly about my feelings about the MTA’s running of our bus system.  Guess what I learned? Every time a NYC bus meter is turned on (every time a new passenger gets in for a ride) 50 cents goes to the MTA!!!!!  I think I’ve said it seems like the cab companies are paying off the busses and asking them to be late so the taxi companies would get business. It’s the opposite. The cab drivers have to pay off the MTA!!!

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