“An Important Tip For Caring For Yourself -I Learned It the Hard Way!”

“You need to develop good daily habits to accomplish reaching your goals.”  I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times.  This certainly goes for goals that pertain to getting fit and rejuvenating your body, as the years pass. However did the people who suggested say you could make it be FUN! Yes – FUN!

I mentioned this in my last post. I’m adding this to it and will add it to my book’s EBOOK. The information I’m giving you today is too important to wait, even a few days, for the book to be available for you to download.

While it sounds like something you’d obviously know – I don’t want you to get hurt by taking it for granted that you won’t make a mistake when you select something from your bathroom shelf that the container contains what you think it does. If you grab it quickly, like most people do, you won’t even be thinking about it. You’ll just be so used to grabbing it that you’ll grab it automatically.

You can develop mini-Qs (minimum quantity of tasks to do to get the results you want over time) for all areas of your rejuvenation and for your general health and safety.

I could have damaged my eye severely. I don’t want you to get into trouble!

A good habit to get into, the one I recently learned – the hard way – is to make sure that you have something on your closet shelf to separate any small containers that belong to the liquid soothing and healing category and those liquids that belong to the disinfectant, medications, category.

In fact, it would be better to put them on different shelves altogether or in totally separate above-the-sink closets in your bathroom.  All the saline solutions scan be together even if they come from different companies. However, if one is stronger – due to different needs for different circumstances – put a small pieced of red tape (or any brightly colored tape) on the stronger solution.  This is to be sure you don’t mistakenly use it when you need something very mild.

Why not put a mini-Q in your calendar for once a month – even if you haven’t gotten any new lotions or medications? It’s easy. This mini-Q would be to check your bathroom and kitchen shelves (or wherever you choose to keep these items) to make sure that none of the items is near to one that doesn’t have the same purpose.

I understand that this can sound a bit “Duh! Of course I wouldn’t put those together!” That said – when you’re in a hurry or thinking of many things at once, as I must have been when I put the toxic lotion that burned my eye right next to my saline solutions for lubricating and calming any eye irritation – I wasn’t aware I was doing that. The containers look exactly the same, if you don’t carefully read the labels. To be certain that you won’t damage yourself in any way, doesn’t it make sense to take a moment every month, (or week or two months or whatever works for you – it’s YOUR DESIGN for YOUR HEALTH – to check on this to be sure you’re safe?

It took me a few days of dousing my eye with cold water and putting soothing drops in my eye many times during the day to heal that eye.

I’m thankful that the irritation I caused my poor eye to go through did heal. I want to be sure that YOU don’t have to experience anything like that – or truly age your eye and reduce your vision.

I may have bought the liquid that burned, to disinfect a cut, a few years ago. A doctor may have prescribed it. The package made it all too easy to mistake it for an eye lubricant.

Guess what? When I checked my closets today I actually had fun doing it!  I was shouting at my closets: “Keep Bobbie’s eyes safe! Keep Bobbie young and healthy! Yay Team!

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  1. What a very important tip you gave us today, Bobbie. I read it with my “eyes wide open.” Many people, I’m sure, will thank you very much.

  2. I’m so glad you were helped by it Larry.

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