“Be Part Of the World Before Beginning Your Other Daily Commitments”

I’ve learned that one of the greatest things I can do for my body and for my mind is to take a walk outdoors in the morning before I begin my planned daily activities. I always sensed this was a help to me. However it wasn’t until I was sixty that my guide, the late Barbara Van Diest, taught me how valuable this simple activity is.  It lets me know I’m part of the world.

You may know you’re part of the world on an intellectual level, but this activity helps your senses incorporate it. It’s a good way to wake up your mind to what you want to accomplish that day.

It’s great if you can manage to be in nature and, also, among people on your morning walk.  Your mind will begin to function and little negative ideas you may be carrying around will tend to lessen. Most people I speak with about this find that this starts their day on a more positive note. Even if they see something less that positive while they’re out in the world, they report that they feel more competent to deal with the negative happening and that they don’t allow negative feelings they may have about themselves take such a stronghold. They feel more awake to their own needs on days they go out for an early walk.

By the way, if you happen to need to get around in a wheel chair, being outdoors in that wheel chair before you start your day will still be a help to you.

If you go to an office or other workplace you can walk part of the way. If you take public transportation, as we do in the city, you can get off the bus or subway a couple of stops before your destination and walk.  If you drive to work you can park a few blocks away and walk. If you have a spot in a parking garage at your workplace, you can arrive twenty minutes early and walk in the neighborhood before going into your office.  Moving your body as well being in the flow of life will allow you mind to clear.

If you work from home you can plan to begin your workday after you take care of yourself by taking your morning walk.  Most people I’ve spoken to about this report that they get more done when they follow this morning ritual.

If you live in the city as I do, there are usually parks you can go to. In Manhattan, in addition to Central and Prospect Parks, there are what I call “Pocket Parks” everywhere. I observe tourists getting exited when they see so many parks they didn’t expect to see. I feel lucky to live across the street from a playground. I’m also blessed in that the entrance to my building is just a half block from the East River and I like to walk along the river for about a half-mile and then back.  If the weather is rough it can work to go to a health club and walk the track or, if there isn’t a track, use a treadmill. At least you’re among other people and get your body moving.

You needn’t spend hours out of your home. A twenty-minute walk should do it. Then

When I started writing this post I was going to put “before beginning work” in the title.  I then realized that not everyone is in business or has a job they go to in order to earn money.

This advice to walk outside before starting your day goes for “stay at homemoms/dads” as well as retirees.  Whatever your day’s requirements are, I was taught that it’s always centering to begin your daily requirements after having taken a walk in the world.  It helps you feel part of the world.

The late Barbara Van Diest, who was a life guide for me for about a decade, and for others for many years, taught me this.

In the winter or in stormy weather you can go to a health club and count it as being outdoors. While it’s not always as effective as being with life in the street, you are with other people and you are moving and working your body. The exercise is important; but so is interacting with people. I find it not only important; but necessary for me to interact with people if I intend to accomplish goals during the day.

Certain of you will need human interaction more than others. I know that, for me, human interaction gets me started on the tasks that will lead to me accomplishing my goals.  I work best as a team member. Producing theater and putting cabaret shows together works for me because I’m working with others. I feel very comfortable speaking before groups or teaching my workshops to groups or having private clients come over for consultations. I do well with phone communications too. When I’m writing – or when I’m planning how to market an image consulting class, speaking engagement or individual consultation I know that the work I produce is more productive if I’ve been part of the world that day before I’ve begun putting my marketing tools together.

Of course, the other side of the coin is not allowing people who can sap your energy do that.

I’ve witnessed people – who say they’re happier working alone, without human interaction – increase their productivity by getting out before beginning their workday. Even if you don’t speak with the people in the street you’re pulled into the natural awakening process that comes from being part of life.    Most species connect with their environment and compatriots, be they other pigeons, dogs or, in our case, humans.

These are great – I call them daily mini-Qs – (i.e., “daily “to dos”.)  It the term I use in the title of my first book.

They’ll get you more connected to the world and enable you to get what you’ve chosen to accomplish – accomplished.

Next month I’ll be changing the blog format again.
I’ll be giving two shorter messages in each post:

1.  Things I’ve learned that will help you become or remain slim, strong, sexy and vibrant if you’re over 50 – or at any age you
happen to be.  This will include posts about dressing as well as being nourished physically and/or mentally.

2.  Things I’ve learned that will help you add FUN to your life by partaking in entertainment and other art forms that are available.
I’ll also cover  ideas for enriching yourself by enjoying and helping others who entertain.

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  1. Mistake in the very first line. Change “you” to “I”.

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