Part I- The Benefits of Chanting (Aaaaaah and Ohmmmm) Part II- What Does the Word “Cabaret” Mean To You?

Part I – Healthy, Wealthy & Wow!

Many spiritual groups connect with their environs shortly after waking up.

Wayne Dyer has an excellent CD set that contains the chanting done by certain tribes every morning. By chanting and holding the sound “AH” in the morning they connect with the awakening energy of creation. Ah is the vibration of beginning; of awakening.  By chanting the sound OM at the end of the workday, they connect with the vibration of closure.

I thought that these sounds were just silly things made up by “hippy dippy doo” people; but then learned that these sounds actually match the energy vibration that occurs when energy (creation) opens up (in the morning) and when it naturally closes down for rest time (in the evening).

What’s super great about this chanting method is that, except for buying the CD to get the process really working for you, (you can learn it without the CD) it doesn’t cost anything except about ten minutes of time in the morning and evening.

I learned the following from Wayne Dyer:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh: This sound has the same vibrations as creation. It’s the start of or the opening of creation and that’s why it’s beneficial to chant Ahhhhh in the morning. It starts the day off just as anything starts creation.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhm: This sound has the vibration of closure and completion.  Thus Ohhhhhhhhm is wonderful sound to chant at the completion of the day.  Why not try it? I find it quite wonderful.

Part II – Bobbie Horowitz Productions

What Does The Word “Cabaret” Mean To You?

The original Broadway production “Cabaret” opened in 1966. While much of the country began defining cabaret as the Weimar venue depicted in the show, I see that the big change in the definition  happened after the movie came out and many stage productions followed.

When I was in my teens my parents would take me to many venues. The “cabarets” they were talking about were charming music rooms and supper clubs where great performers like Peggy Lee and Eartha Kitt would perform as we sipped a glass of wine. My parents allowed me to sip wine in elegant music rooms. The Hotels all had lovely rooms we called cabaret rooms.

The definition of  “Cabaret” seems to have changed in people’s minds. They think of it more as the risqué club depicted in Kander & Ebb’s musical., especially the one in the film based on the musical.  While that particular club was shall we say, “interesting” it’s not what the word meant to me and it isn’t what the word means to most performers who sing in todays cabarets. Cabaret does not mean “Gentlemen’s Lace Club” to songwriters & singers!  Some of the acts may be risqué, but in a very knowing kind of way.

A great couple I know took me to a lovely event that honored policemen around the country. Many of the officers were there with their families. I took the opportunity to ask as many as I could if they took their families to cabarets while they were in town for the event. All but one said they wouldn’t go into “that kind of a place”!  They let their wives go to one of “those places”?!”

Cabarets are venues in which performers, for the most part, sing songs from The American Songbook and/or songs written by newer composers who are in the community.

I would love to see the hotels recommend cabaret venues to their guests. I’d love to see the newspapers have more columns speaking about cabaret. There were many more when I entertained often and won a MAC Award, with my songwriting partner during that time. That was the late 1980s and also in the 1990s.

If you know people who are visiting New York (or any city that has a cabaret venue in it I ask you to recommend they go to one on, at least, one of the nights during their visit. I bet they’ll thank you for recommending it.

I think it could be fun to have a contest to find another word for ‘intimate music venues”.  “Supper Club” is lovely. However, several of the rooms don’t serve food. They may have chips, or, maybe a few other snacks.

Do you have  any suggestions for finding a new name for cabarets?  If you do –  I’d love to hear them!

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