“Be Sure To Have A Few Enjoyable Non-Work Related Activities Scheduled Into Your Day”

Doing a few purely enjoyable tasks at some point In the day will help you get down to doing your Daily Do’s – (mini-Qs as I call them)  that assist you in becoming and staying youthful &  fit.

It’s so easy for Americans and, I guess, people in most societies to be so focused on their work and things they need to accomplish that they forget about having fun engaging in activities that aren’t related to the way they earn money or care for their home, etc. etc. etc.

This is related to the post I wrote about putting yourself into the world before you start working in the morning. Just walking down the street or through a park where there are other people can make you know you’re part of the world. It makes it easier to do your chores when you know you’re part of life.

This post allows me to meld the areas of fitness and entertainment. I’m not referring to entertaining, if you’re an entertainer. That’s part of your work – even though you may love doing it. Entertainers can find other types of entertainment like: reading a book that you wouldn’t normally give yourself the time to read, going to a museum or attending an entertainment your not involved in, etc. By the way, if you go to the entertainment you’re not involved in for the purpose of networking to get more jobs entertaining – that doesn’t count for the purposes of what I’m talking about it this blog. I’m talking about a mental getaway.

Believe me, I’m still working on this myself and I’m in my early 70s. One thing I have finally become able to do is not beating myself up for not being perfect or not knowing how to choose what to do. Please, don’t bat yourself for not being perfect or not knowing how to choose what to do. Most of us weren’t taught how to make choices based purely on “what is”. We were taught based on what our family and teachers thought ‘what is” was.  I know this can sound like a joke; but it’s affected almost everyone I know – including myself.

When you’ve selected things to do each day that, in time, will give you the strongest body you can have, given your body – it’s important to take time each day to clear your head through something unrelated to getting fit. Finding a daily “to do” that doesn’t feel like a “to do” (something that entertains you) will allow your mind to focus more easily when you return to your daily tasks.  Actually, if you choose daily fitness tasks that entertain you as you do them, it’s more likely that you’ll achieve your goals, because you’ll want to do those “daily to dos”!

What you choose can be as simple as watching a game show on TV. I DVR the shows and watch them when I’m exercising my face or putting my hair up to go to bed.

Going out dancing (unless you’re a ballroom dancer by profession) takes stress away for many people as can cycling for others or taking photos for others. Find something that’s fun for you to do that doesn’t make you think of your goal and you’ll find you’ll have a simpler time getting down to do your tasks. This combined with some sort of meditation will help you. KI’ll speak of “meditation” in my next post. Oddly enough –  many enjoyable things do help you get fit!

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