“Taking Classes Or Getting Coaching Can Help You Stay Youthful”

The concept of classes and/or coaching holds for both sections of this post

  •  In older posts I’ve written about the value of having a mentor even when you’re older. This is especially true if you’re veering into a new area of business or new activities.
  • In this post I speak of classes and/or private coaching.

Healthy Wealthy & Wow!

 Learning new subjects can help keep your brain youthful. I’m referring to lessons and classes in or out of your field.  Any learning that expands your understanding about the world around you or, even learning that gets you to questions the world, is a valuable tool for keeping yourself youthful. I’ve discovered this by doing it. At first I thought I was wasting time from taking day seminars in subjects I thought I’d be interested in but never really took the time to study.  By “any” I mean the topic. While any topic can be useful for studying, you still have to check any specific training program out.

There’s a school child that remains in each of us. I know there’s one in me. Do you notice how young schoolchildren’s eyes open wide when they’re hearing a teacher or elder speak about e.g., theater. The way the teacher speaks about it affects the effect the lesson has on the student.

I’ve gone to some Cornell lectures that were offered to alumni in fields I’d never studied while I was on campus and I’ve gone to lectures that dealt with new findings in fields I did study when I was I was in school. Every time I walk out of a lecture or class thoughts start zooming through my mind. It’s almost as though they come from outside my brain. They’re not affected by my ego, unless previous teachings sneak in to make me question the new information.

Being able to discuss new topics with your friends or younger people, if you can’t find friends who are interested in them can keep your mind thinking forward.  At the beginning a new subject may not seem like fun. Then as you delve deeper into it and get into discussions with others you can find the fun part is growing.  If you’re having now fun with a subject there’s no law you have to continue with it. The choice is yours. I’d suggest giving a new subject a chance before dismissing it totally. Then, if you don’t feel like you’re growing through the study – drop it!  At this pint, unless it’s for your work, you’re not being tested.

Bobbie Horowitz Productions

On the theatrical side I find new teachings stimulate me with new ideas for songs. Just a little delving into Quantum Physics has brought so many new ideas to my writing.

If you’re and actor or a singer you’re always learning new things that come along with playing a role or interpreting the lyrics to a song or a poem.  At the least you have to know about the period you’re living in if you’re play takes place in another century or if your song is about the South Pacific during WWII and you’re now thirty years old.

I’ve found that studying subjects that may not automatically seem as though they’d help with a specific topic a play is concerned with can help a lot too. Different books on behavioral analysis have opened my mind. For example, way back in the mid 70s when I was in a repertory company in New York, we did a production of Tennessee Williams’ play “Orpheus Descending”. While working on my character, “Lady”, I went to talks about modern psychology as well as reading books on the Greek myth that inspired it. These helped me a lot in dealing with her (my) situation. Plus – I got energy from learning new things. I’d been out of college for about fifteen years at the time and the studies gave me a boost.

I also can’t over emphasize the importance of your continuing to get coaching when you’re in your later years if you’re an entertainer. Checking out the coaches in your area and then trying a new coach every once in a while can add oomph your performance. Just be sure that the coach you choose helps you reveal the star you truly are and isn’t trying to turn you into something you aren’t.  The world needs YOU and you’ll get cast for and create authentic characters that will communicate to the audience when you’re authentically yourself. You’ll do your best if your go into auditions behaving and looking like the star you truly are. Check out my www.bobbiehorowitz.com website for individual sessions or image classes.  If you can’t get to New York I’ll recommend someone in your area.

We’re always students whether or not we think we are; so we might as well put studies to use and have fun with them. It’s great to question the things we learn and see what may have affected the creator of the theory we’re studying. Life can stay interesting.

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