” Entertainment Helps Performers & Audiences Stay Mentally Alert and Fit”

I may be prejudiced in this area, however I think you can probably see the effect an evening of good live entertainment has on the audience.


Healthy Wealthy & Wow!


Attending live entertainments has a lot in common with my last post witch dealt with studying new subjects to keep alert as well as up to date.

Entertainment can often take the place of – or be used to add to -teachings. I’ve learned so much of the history I know well through plays that dealt with the times and places the happenings that took place in them. I wouldn’t feel half as close to e.g., King Henry V of England were it not for William Shakespeare’s play about him. Live entertainment can keep one’s mind exercised. To read one of Shakespeare’s plays is a great experience; but understand that he wrote them to be seen rather than read.

I notice that many older audience members in theaters, cabarets and supper clubs feel rejuvenated when they see a person in his/her “60s”, “70s”, “80s”, etc. entertaining on a stage.  It frees their minds to regain   their own youthful vitality.

Note: I promise to write a blog post in which I’ll discuss the term “cabaret” and how it’ become misinterpreted during the last few decades due to the musical and movie of that name. While the level of talent and music can vary you’re very likely to hear what’s become known as The American Songbook in a cabaret.

People remember songs. Songs affect their lives. I was so moved when I entertained at the Sr. residence my Mom lived in during the last year of her life.  One of the floors was especially set for people who had memory loss. My mom had partial memory loss. She always remembered me and knew what she had for lunch and she could even play some bridge. Several of the residents, however, had almost total memory loss. Lo and behold, when they’d hear a song that was well known in their youth or their 20s or 30s – they would sing along with no memory problem. The vibration of music seems to get implanted in us. I highly advise you to listen to music and, especially to attend live performances of songs you loved or new songs you want to have in your brain when you add years. It will keep you mind active in those years.



Bobbie Horowitz Productions


As a songwriter, performer and producer I’ve felt the effect that knowing I’ve gotten people to think or to laugh or be moved or to get into discussions with each other – had on my body and your mind.


As an entertainer or producer, you’ve got to become astute.  You’ve got to quietly look to see what’s working for your audience and what isn’t.  To make the changes that will communicate the message to the audience, if changes are needed, you need to work with others and keep your mind sharp in terms of dealing with people. You’ll also need to keep your mind sharp in terms of picking people to work with and choosing material (or writing it) that will affect the audience in the way the work was intended to affect them. This type of analysis helps keep me youthful and alert. All my friends in theater, if they’re good at what they do, know that there’s a lot of physical activity that goes into entertaining. I’m not even talking about dancers, and acrobats, etc. The hours spent in rehearsal and the exercise needed to keep in shape for the act or the part in a play or looking authentic and able when meeting with investors, if you’re a producer, requires a lot of stamina and helps people stay youthful. We’ve seen “fame” take its toll on certain performers. Most of the performers I know have performance coaches and many have spiritual coaches to keep their mind as well as their body in youthful and healthy shape. I marvel at the people I see, who are well on in terms of the years they’ve lived, get up onstage and lift the spirit of everyone in the room house! Marilyn May celebrated her 85th birthday by wowin’ them at Birdland! John Gabriel famous for his years on Ryan’s Hope and many shows was 82 when he performed “It Was a Very Good Year”, in the show I produced honoring songwriters. Ervin Drake, writer of that song sang his “I Believe” in the show at age 94! His wife Edith, at 92 could be on the cover of Vogue! I can see that performing and/or helping performers keeps these people young. So – you wonderful performers who are reading this blog post – keep doin’ what you’re doin” in terms of staying with it if it’s your love. If you need some help in terms of weight or strength please read my book, which is available on Amazon and on my site. The new EBook which is being completed now, will cost next to nothing when you’ve bought the original. The original is titled: “Find Your mini-Qs(?): Reveal the Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! – at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond.”  The EBook will have a different title and will have new information in it.


The term “mini-Qs” may sound odd to you. It’s a term that popped into my head when I was “trying” to get back into shape in my early 60s. It stands for the “minimum quantity” of each thing I felt I needed to do that would get me to my goal. It’s not a new idea! Aristotle plugged it!  However, the words “habit” and “routine” acquired negative reactions in our society. Daily habits are the way to get things done so I discovered that using a term that made me giggle helped a lot!

You can make up a term for yourself! It makes getting and staying fit fun! (Daily habits and routines are what will get you the audition too.)



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