“Shhh Mind! Let the Universe Have Some Room To Help Bobbie!”

Healthy Wealthy & Wow! 

I’m working on incorporating the ‘Good Decision Making Technique’ of quieting my mind and letting the Universe help me make decisions. It helps me to, literally, write down: – ‘Let the Universe Help!”-  on my day planner page. I still keep a written day planner even though I have a calendar on my computer. There’s something about the physical act of writing that gets me to remember things.

When I was in college this was the most helpful way for me to learn and study. However back then I didn’t realize that I was writing the information down coming from the idea that my mind needed to “do” the thinking. I had a college buddy who remained a buddy for some years after graduation. He used to say, “Horowitz – You overdo everything!”  I now realize that what he was saying is that I would overthink everything. That’s what I was taught to do – mostly by my father. He was constantly thinking he had to have perfect decisions. We felt we had to memorize everything. Some of the things we were memorizing, however, were things we didn’t really need to learn. In fact, many of these things harmed us – although they were taught to us by well-intentioned people. I repeat this idea often, because I find it a central theme in my life.

I’m finding that the more I let my brain be guided by the universe without my sticking my own two cents in all the time – the calmer my stomach becomes. I digest food properly and I appear younger and stronger.

My wonderful Dad taught me how to worry (unintentionally).  He died before he was the age I am now. I loved, loved, loved him! – …and he overdid everything – at least, in the thinking and trying to be perfect department. My mom’s family overthought and judged people and liked to be in control of situations; however this is what they were taught to do.  My mom’s dad was wonderful and helped many people through his labor law practice, in which my dad was a partner. (My dad married the boss’s daughter.)  I’m not “blaming” any of them now. I’m using the information to help allow my mind and ego to turn off so that “clear thinking” can enter into my brain. I call my brain my GPS. I need to be sure excess and wrong information doesn’t creep into it.  The more and more I turn my ego off and let the clear thoughts in, the easier my life becomes and I feel healthier and healthier.  I’m not a licensed analyst – and I see it working for me. You might want to give it a try.  Every morning I write down: “Thank you for sharing ego. Now shut up – so clear thoughts can come in!”

Bobbie Horowitz Productions

I can’t think of anything more important to all aspects of entertainment than allowing clear thinking to lead you to make your choices. Now that I’ve been working on having this happen in my brain it seems obvious to me this is the number one issue for both producers, the investors the producers wish to attract, the people placed in different positions in the production company and the actors, etc. who are chosen for bringing the production to life.

Taking your ego out of the decision making will make a difference in what you choose to produce, who you hire for the different jobs involved in the production, where the show is first shown and which theater will be the best place to show the production once it’s been tested and proven viable – and – which people will you be involved with at each step of the game.  I could go on and on and on.

This concept also holds for performers working on a piece. Since most people aren’t proficient at getting rid of false thoughts they were taught many characters in plays show what happens when a character has been misguided. The actor has to find something that will give them this feeling. I say just find a thing you were mis-taught and go with it. Almost everyone (e very character) was mis-taught about something. So the actor can use that and make the character more real with it.

As an audience member you can try to figure out how each character’s behavior is governed by wrong teachings they received of ten when they were tiny characters.

Enjoy great theater this Christmas season!


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