“Do I (do you) Really Need Accolades?!”

                                  Healthy Wealthy & Wow! 

It seems like learning never ends for me. In fact, it seems to have accelerated for me since I was 60 and that was over a decade ago.  I don’t mind sharing my age because know I look and feel as fit as I can be and I want you to know that you can be that way too.  Again – ‘fit” doesn’t mean ‘perfect”.  It means being as healthy as you can possibly be at any moment. I’ll speak a bit more about fitness in a moment.

First I’d like to talk about the reasons many people want to be fit, be hired by prestigious companies, be elected to office or even why some want to simply earn money, etc. etc. etc.  I’ve discovered that the “win” is often more for the “accolades” and the prestige of the job than what the dollars earned are needed for. It’s like winning an award or being honored at an event.  The accolade makes the person feel important.  I’ve spoken with people who knew people in these positions.

When it comes to being “Healthy and Wow!” is it the “healthy” needed for being able to function in and contribute to the world for many years that inspires people to be their fittest – or – is getting the “Wow!” from others for being fit that gives them the kick they need?

I’d also bet that you probably are potentially more fit than your mind is telling you that you can be. More than ten years ago, I found out I was hiding my own fitness. A couple of years ago I wrote the book that explains how I helped myself and then others to be the strong, fit and sexy people they truly are and had been unconsciously hiding.  The title of the book contains the term I made up for myself that allowed me to take my road to fitness laughing and enjoying myself. I encourage you to make up your own term for your “routine” that fits into your lifestyle and is good for your particular body.  The word “routine” has taken on a boring or difficult meaning – and, like the term or not, it is the way things get done.

My book title, if you don’t already have it is: “Find Your mini-Qs (?) Reveal
 The Slim, Strong, Sexy Star You Truly Are! – at Age 50, 60, 70, and Beyond”  It’s available on my site www.bobbiehorowitz.com or on Amazon.

The reason I’ve brought up the topic of fitness again is that I realize how important getting “accolades’ is to many people. I was one of those people. Now I realize that accolades aren’t all that important in and of themselves. People feel they need Accolades because these compliments make them feel important. I now realize that it’s been that way throughout history. Getting fit is a powerful way to win major accolades.

What if there were no accolades? The true purpose of being as fit as you can be is so that you can operate more efficiently and contribute to the world more easily.

If the accolades inspire you to get fit – great! If the accolades help you to inspire others to get fit – great! – AND – learn that it’s not about the accolades.
      You are important. You’ve always been important.

Do I suggest you design your way to fitness? You betcha. However I’ve learned that being important isn’t the important part.
(Hitler and other dictators and autocratic leaders strived to be noticed.  I guess that you can say he succeeded. Just think of what could have been if they felt important enough to begin with?!  My goal is to help people know they’re important – just because they’re on Earth (or any planet for that matter.)

Bobbie Horowitz Productions

I was Co-Executive Producer of the Drama Desk Awards some years back. I know how important it was to producers, investors and participants to win awards and go up there on the stage to get their applause.  With a songwriting partner, Spector (we were Horowitz & Spector) I won a MAC Award. I realize that the benefit of theatrical awards is they can offer benefits in terms of product sales.  I know that many of the producers on the stage at the Drama Desk Awards presentation didn’t recoup the money they put into the show; but they got what they wanted – i.e. recognition. I wonder if they would have still produced the show if they felt they couldn’t get recognition, but knew they’d make money.  Most probably would have; but there would have been some who did it more for the newspaper and TV mention.

Audience members have shared with me that they were at this play or that so they could tell their friends that they saw it. It made them feel important to be one who saw it. To all people I once again say:
              You are important. You’ve always been important.

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